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anyone else finding maternity clothes too short/small?

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StickThemWithThePointyEnd Fri 10-Dec-10 22:17:03

I'm only 21+1 today, but I find that all my maternity tops have suddenly got too short to cover my bump properly. I had a few tops which fit lovely even two weeks ago, now I have a constantly naked lower half of my bump and it's bloody cold!
funnily enough, the tops that do still fit me nicely are all non-maternity primark, they just seem to stretch, but all my dorothy perkins, gap, H&M and next tops just leave this big gaping opening
It doesn't even matter whether they are a size 6 or a 10, the 6s actually fit better everywhere else.
Half of my maternity jeans have started feeling too tight around the bump bit as well, and the other half have started sliding downwards when I walk. (little story here: When I was pg with DS, I once had an entire conversation with my BIL, then turned around to find that half of my lady garden had been exposed because my trousers had made their way down without me feeling it. blush but that was at around 35 weeks!)

does anyone else have this problem? I know it's not exactly earth shattering, but considering I've been constantly ill for the past 6 weeks with various infections, I don't fancy getting anything else.. or exposing my netherregions.....

bessie26 Fri 10-Dec-10 22:24:50

I'm 22wks & am finding that my normal clothes are now too small & my maternity clothes are all too big! <grrrr>

have you got any of those belly bands? I've not got them, but they look great for keeping your tummy warm & I have heard good reviews about them....

StickThemWithThePointyEnd Fri 10-Dec-10 22:40:27

I don't have any of those, mainly because I never needed them when I was pg with DS, but he was a summer baby, so I might re-consider that one.

shouldn't they be making maternity clothes in a way that they can fit your for your WHOLE pregnancy, not just half of it?

BreastmilkDoesAFabLatte Sat 11-Dec-10 09:11:34

Are you tall? <BMDAFL realises what a silly question she has asked> Yes, I've had the same with most maternity tops forever exposing several inches of bump. Have you tried longer tunic-style tops or short dresses with jeans or leggings? Or else forgetting about maternity wear and just buying (or borrowing from DH/P) huge men's shirts?

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