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Private pregnancy scans 10 weeks (cost and what to expect)

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JimmyChoo17 Thu 09-Dec-10 19:26:58

Hi ladies I am booking a private scan next week, I will be 10 weeks.

I am going away and they will not bring my Nhs scan forward so am having a private one to make sure little bean is cooking ok before I leave. I will not be getting my nhs scan until 15th week at the earliest then due to being away and they would normally do it at 12 weeks where I live. I lost last 2 beans and as never made it past 7 or so weeks I want to settle my mind before I leave that everything is ok. I would be surprised to find something sinister now as I have felt so rotten and have had 2 early scans at epu at 5 and 7 weeks.

Anyway would love to know how much these scans have cost u ladies and also what do they do? At the epu at my hospital they refuse to show you even healthy pregnancy scans until 12 weeks as it's their policy. Will a private scan show me the screen and give me a picture? All being well of course?!
Its with a dr too so will they offer any other words of wisdom or will they scan me and kick me out?
The scan will cost me £100 I live in bedfordshire

grumpybrusselsprout Thu 09-Dec-10 19:31:09

£100 is about right.
I had private and NHS scans, quite similar service really except we got longer "oohing and ahhing time" grin with the private scan, and more piccies to take away.
If you have had 2 scans already then it looks like it is cooking nicely!
Will you still be able to have the screening tests at 15 weeks on the NHS? (If you want screening that is.)I had to have mine before 14 weeks for nuchal fold measurement.

katiepotatie Thu 09-Dec-10 19:32:31

I had a private one at 9 weeks and 10 weeks with my dc's. I think it cost around £85, and we got a picture, they had to use an internal probe to a get proper look and to see heatbeat. Was well worth it to put my mind at ease. Before 20 week scans were on the NHS in our area, I had one with 1st dc too it cost £165 IIRC
Good luck smile

Ba8y1 Thu 09-Dec-10 19:39:59

Hi, I had a private scan at 10+3 - having also had a previous mc and having to tell my boss at 11 wks I just wanted to check there was something there! I had it at the FMC in London - cost was the same as yours. I enjoyed it, they took a lot more time over the scan than subsequent NHS ones, they showed the screen and gave pictures to take away. I presume if there are any anomalies then the Dr would talk through them then, though I'm not sure how much they would be able to determine that early. They will certainly be willing to answer any questions/worries you have about your pg.

My only word of caution would be that you will be missing the window for your nuchal scan and bloods - 10 weeks is too early and 15 too late - the window in my area I think is about 11-13+6 weeks. Have you definately decided against this screening? If so then it shouldn't be a prob, but if you do want it I would reconsider going away!

Anyway hope that helps - best of luck with your pg and congrats! smile

JimmyChoo17 Thu 09-Dec-10 19:46:07

Omg I had no idea there was a window!! I go away in my 12 week and return when I'm 13weeks3days is that enough?? The drs were who said they prob wouldn't see me until later.

Feel panicked now! My midwife has not been in contact so I'll chase tomorrow I def want screening. I thought you had longer to get screened?

All I want to know at this point is that bean is still beating away. I had a heartbeat at7 weeks and measured right for it's age.

grumpybrusselsprout Thu 09-Dec-10 19:53:47

I think it depends which screening test they use, the combined test (nuchal fold and blood test) is only used up to 13+6, but if your area uses a different screen then you may have longer.
Ring and check, it may help you make a decision about timings of private scans if nothing else.

JimmyChoo17 Thu 09-Dec-10 20:02:49

Are bloods taken on one day? Or do they need to be taken on diff dates or times?

Thanks ladies i am going to make some calls in the morning.

The dr doing my private scan specialises in nuchal scans so I will ring and and ask his advice too.

rubybambini Thu 09-Dec-10 20:16:20

Hello - I completely missed my 12 week scan, because I didn't know I was pregnant (whole other story!).

I had a dating scan, which showed I was, by then, 14+6, too late for a check of the nuchal fold.

I chose to have a quad test done (carried out that day), ie bloods, to assess risk. So you may miss a 'visual' window, but there are other tests to help put your mind at rest, if that's a worry. Best of luck =)

lilly13 Thu 09-Dec-10 21:39:47

GBP100 is a good price. I live in Central London, and paid GBP200-220 for a scan with a fetal medicine specialist. It was totally worth it as the doctor answered my tiniest questions pertaining to pregnancy (I am very detailed). The equipment was state of art and the doctor himself was well known specialist with years of experience under his belt. A hugely reassuring process! I also had certain bloods done not offered under NHS, but necessary given my medical/family history. If you can afford it, definitely go for it. However, if you go privately, I would recommend paying little extra to see a very experienced specialist (you are spending money anyway). It seems that in your case, there might be more than a peace of mind from a good consultation. Good luck!

grumpybrusselsprout Thu 09-Dec-10 21:48:26

With my screening test, I had a scan which measured the nuchal fold, and a blood test on the same day. But there are other options if you miss that test window, the issue may be whether you can negotiate having them on the nhs (different areas have different screening tests and may have different policies) or whether you have them domne privately.
Good luck! And I hope you really enjoy looking at your scan when you have it smile

TransatlanticCityGirl Fri 10-Dec-10 00:07:54

I had a scan at 8 + 4 weeks and paid £85 in Greater London. I got to see the midget on screen in both 2D and 3D, see and hear the heartbeat, and got a report / reassurance that everything was ok (I actually thought I was 9 wks so they dated it more accurately and their dating is perfectly in line with the NHS dating I got 3.5 weeks later)
I got free 2D pictures and then I bought a 3D picture for £5.
Very well worth it in my opinion!!
Best of luck...

snowangels1 Fri 10-Dec-10 10:38:26


haven't had chance to read all replies to sorry if repeating everyone.

I would have said expect to pay about £60 - £160 depending on how 'posh' the place is and who you're appointment is with. IME (have paid for 3 private scans, 2 early on due to mc scare and one at 24ish weeks. Each provate scan was at a different place too) it depends on where you go and who does it as to what you get. You can at least expect a picture (although didn't even get one of those at one scan) and a few minutes to have a peek at bean, but really depends on who is doing it and where you are as to how much time you get. I was actually really suprised, especially with early scans how quick they were with me - in and out in 5/10 mins! They look for hb, check some measurements and give you a peek at baby. If you're lucky and have someone lovely who takes their time you'll get longer to coo and get all excited.

Sorry that doesn't help you much, just wanted to say how varying my experiences have been, and, it's not necessarily the more expensive the longer the scan too - our cheapest scan (£60) was by far the longest one we got (and we got lots of pictures and a dvd of the scan included) where as our most expensive one (£130) was the quickest, but was with some kind of private consultant so maybe we paid more for his time.

Good luck and enjoy!

lucielooo Fri 10-Dec-10 17:13:40

I paid £100 with babybond.. (includes a couple of pictures) I got to view the screen while it was being done.. not that I could really see what I was looking at 10 weeeks and being my first scan!

Best £100 I've ever spent. As mentioned in other posts I also had to have my NHS 12 week scan between 11 - 13+6 if I wanted the nuchal fold screening. Had a bit of a mix up because I had to have a booking appointment before the scan as well as you have to officially request it but the doctors reception didn't know what I was talking about.

So you may also have to have a booking appointment before your scan if you want the nuchal fold measurement done (if you haven't been booked already)

Good Luck

JimmyChoo17 Fri 10-Dec-10 19:30:47

Hi all thanks for responses!

I have an appointment with my midwife on Monday to discuss my options as I have very few days to get my downs scan. I have my private scan booked too! I asked what to expect and it's 20 mins of scan and consultation with the consultant. He is also a nuchal specialist but will be too early to be scanned. How far were u ladies when you had your nuchal scan?

LeroyJethroGibbs Fri 10-Dec-10 19:33:43

Message withdrawn

JimmyChoo17 Fri 10-Dec-10 20:13:26

Have u had your nuchal scan?

My nhs one will be 13 or 14 wishing away this weekend and week to see our bean!

lucielooo Mon 13-Dec-10 15:59:30

I think you can only have the nuchal fold scan up to 13 +6 (in my area anyway)

UnpureAsTheDrivenSHOW Mon 13-Dec-10 16:06:09

My area doesn't offer a nuchal scan.

I had an NHS scan at 10+4 (was my 12 week dating scan, they didn't believe my dates, I know when I ovulate).

I was really surprised by the difference between a 7 week and 10 week scan. A 7 week blob with a heartbeat and then a 10wk old baby with arms and legs and a nose and everything.

Anyway, I had a private scan. Was £90 and I got to look at a big screen on the wall and was given lots of pictures.

pepperonipizza Mon 13-Dec-10 16:20:55

The window for nuchal is 11 weeks to 13 + 6 iirc. That's private window - it's prob different to nhs window!!

babynelly2010 Mon 13-Dec-10 21:36:50

Private scans are wonderful. I had 2 private and 2 NHS scans during this pregnancy.
In my experience NHS provides poor costumer service and no explanation to anything. Private scans are great for getting excited about your pregnancy and getting reassurance. May be you can try to get NHS nuchal scan at 11 weeks before your trip in addition to your private scan?

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