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Anyone due in June 2011?

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expectingbabyno2 Thu 09-Dec-10 18:43:21

Hi! I am due 4th June next year with baby no 2. We have a ds (4 in Feb) and I can't wait! Is anyone else as desperate as me to meet baby already? I'm going to drive myself mad!Who is finding out the sex come 20 week scan? We didn't with our first and have said we won't with this one but I am secretly dying to know!! X

TransatlanticCityGirl Thu 09-Dec-10 19:42:23

Hiya, I'm due on June 22nd with my first, but no baby in my extended family has ever exited the womb without an eviction notice so I'm fully prepared for a July baby!!!

I have to say, I'm pretty chilled about all this so far. While I do look forward to what lies ahead, for now I'm enjoying what has (so far) been a pretty easy pregnancy. I also know that time will fly... so for now I'm just enjoying the prospect of my father's famous turkey lurkey sandwiches, focussing as much on my career as I can manage as a final 'push' to advance before I find myself on maternity leave, and planning our 'babymoon' in the Caribbean sometime in March

I think we will find out the sex. I've been a bit uptight about it, not really wanting to know for fear that everything will immediately turn into shades of pink or blue as a direct result, but recently came to the conclusion there is very little I can do to stop it once the baby is born anyway and it seems to be sooooo important to so many people (apart from me!) so think I'll just go with the flow....

BarbieLovesKen Thu 09-Dec-10 19:48:16


We have a huge "jue in june part 5" ante natal club (under the ante natal thread) its brilliant, its busy, we've filled up over 4 threads now but once you catch up, you'll love it!! (and some are finding out the sex now..)

BarbieLovesKen Thu 09-Dec-10 19:49:51

here it is.. hope this helps.. n-June-Part-5

expectingbabyno2 Thu 09-Dec-10 21:43:18

Thanks Barbie, will take a look!

Transatlantic Ah lovely! I wish I could be a bit more like you! Wanted no 2 for such a long time but had to stay strong and wait and now it is happening, I'm a complete headless chicken and it's driving me mad! Have you any inkling as to what baby may be?

Carribean! Wow, sounds heavenly! Hubby has collected some brochures with the idea to go away in Feb but we are having troubles deciding where to go!

It's great to hear that your pregnancy is going smoothly, my first did until the end when I had pre-eclampsia, but I've had vile sickness with this one... urgh the joys!!

TransatlanticCityGirl Fri 10-Dec-10 00:14:45

expectingbabyno2 everyone - and I absolutely mean everyone - thinks it's a girl. the only exception is my father who WANTS a boy, but wanting something isn't the same as feeling something.. right!?

The first thing people say when they find out is, "I bet you it's a girl"

I wonder if I should start taking up those bets? If it's a boy I could make a lot of $$$

if you've been waiting so long then it's no surprise that you are anxious!!

have any preferences on sex for #2?

TransatlanticCityGirl Fri 10-Dec-10 00:25:49

PS - highly recommend the Caribbean if you're up for it. We've been several times before and keep going back. If you're on a budget look in the Dominican Republic, there's some absolutely fantastic deals to be had. If you're up for something quite luxurious and you go before you hit 24 weeks consider a cruise - it's amazing...!!

expectingbabyno2 Fri 10-Dec-10 09:29:45

OH is desperate for us to go on a cruise but we're only looking for a 7 day break because my mother in law will be looking after our ds in her half term break from teaching but it is definitely on our wish list!

Isn't it funny how people are certain of the sex when we all know that those old wives tales are full of rubbish! I too had everyone telling me that I must be carrying a girl.. and out popped a boy! No preference whatsoever; it does frustrate me when people ask and assume that I must be desperate for a girl! My son has been such a delight that I think it has suppressed the urge for a girl! Boys are lovely with their mummies (that isn't to say girl aren't!)

When do you plan to start maternity leave? My employer is already asking and I just don't know when! I had just finished university when I fell pregnant with ds so didn't have to much of an issue with that...!!

TransatlanticCityGirl Fri 10-Dec-10 10:33:20

I'm not sure either!! I was thinking 2 weeks before the due date, but then I worry that if the baby is late, I'll be wasting my leave sitting at home waiting for a whole month. I live and work in London, my commute is only 30 mins each way and I can work from home most days if need be (office job). But I would like to have some time to relax. I have a short attention span so 10-14 days 'time off' should be plenty

Do you think I'm being unrealistic to think I can work right up to my due date??

(and why hasn't anyone come up with a way to predict exactly when a baby will be born yet?!?!?!?!?!?)

I haven't told my employer yet. This is the time of year when bonuses, pay, and promotions are decided, and I don't want my news to influence any of those decisions! I'll be out of the office over the holidays, and when I get back to the office I'll be 16 weeks so I'll probably have to say something at that point. too bad spanx doesn't work in these cases! ;-)

btw there are 3-5 day cruises around but yes also might be nice to save the experience for another time when you have more days available!

expectingbabyno2 Mon 20-Dec-10 12:29:34

Hi! So sorry for delayed response!

I suppose it just depends on how your pregnancy goes. I had to be induced at 37 weeks with DS which the consultant had said would be a possibility so I started at 35 weeks to give me some 'me' time which I was truly grateful. Same thing may happen this time but will see because I am definitely more tired this time around with having one already (who has the chicken pox at the mo!!)

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Mmmaa Mon 20-Dec-10 12:58:43

I'm due on the first of June....hoping for a girl but have a feeling it may be a baby boy. We will be finding out if possible, 20 week scan on the 13th of Jan

Loubilouu Mon 20-Dec-10 14:00:11

i'm due the 7th June..
this is my first pregnancy,
really debating weather to find out the gender or not :/
as some people say it ruins the suprise if you know what it is, and others say its good to know as you can start getting all of the baby things early ...
i really dont know what to do, neither does my partner! i ask him what he wants to do, and he says its up to me.... typical man!

chelleyve Tue 21-Dec-10 17:06:40


I'm due on the 19th of June, according to dating scan but my dates are about 3wks before. So I am having to figure out my maternity leave around these dates - as unfortunately my job is very hands on and it wont be practical to work until last min

I'm over organised so I am tying things up for a smooth handover at the moment - problem being my team have requested Annual Leave during april and may, which means I am trying to figure things out for when I can take leave.

Sadly our PCT wont tell you the gender - so we are debating going private.

Franimal Tue 21-Dec-10 21:07:57

We found out yesterday that our baby is due on 23rd June 2011! Very excited, it's our first baby. My husband would like to know the sex, I've always thought I'd rather wait til the birth, but now I'm not sure... If they can tell us at the 20 wk scan I'm not sure I can resist not knowing, though I've said to my hubbie that I want to keep it our secret... and in case it's wrong.

FallenAngel85 Wed 22-Dec-10 11:20:47

I'm due 7th June, with baby number 2 (or 3,if counting the one i lost)
My son is 7, so got quite a big age gap here. Step daughter has her birthday on 8th june, so it's going to be close. (unless this jellybean decides to come 13 weeks early like it's big brother)
We will be finding out the sex of bean, mainly as i'm not very patient, and there's no way i'll be able to wait until i give birth to find out.

Mummyto2xx Fri 31-Dec-10 10:05:41

hi im 17week pregnat and due on the 10th june with iour 3 child, oiur son is 11yr old and our daughterr is 6yrs old both very excited about being a big bro/sis :0)
went for a private gender scan lastnight and theysaid were having a little boy,aww bless cant wait niow till our 29 week scan so we can see our little man again on screen :0)

VictoriaLouise90 Sun 02-Jan-11 15:38:07

Hello all

I'm currently 14+6 putting my EDD at 27/06 :D Can't wait for my next scan & to meet the little one!

Congratulations all!

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