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Pissed Off

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arabella2 Tue 26-Aug-03 19:14:02

I'm now 9 weeks and 3 days and suffering from morning sickness which gets worse in the evenings. Today has been a bad day. I feel as if I am neglecting ds as I am not doing the things with him that I used to do (I used to take him out more). Dh is being totally unsympathetic and I'm wondering how on earth we managed to make another baby (or embryo) when we can be so horrible to each other. Tonight I was sick twice and so was late with ds's sleep which he usually has (still breastfed to sleep I am afraid) though he doesn't always have one in the evening. Then I was late with his dinner which dh eventually made and gave to him. He was upset (ds) and I feel bad about this but at the same time I had a splitting headache and was busy chucking in the toilet... Then dh has the cheek to tell me I should buy a timer which goes off at meal and sleep times etc... As if I have needed a timer for the past 21 months of ds's life..... I'm just really pissed off with this whole business of not being able to do things and feeling so listless and crap.... My friend who is 4 weeks more pregnant than me is still feeling crap as well so I can't see light at the end of the tunnel...

motherinferior Tue 26-Aug-03 19:18:16

Just to commiserate. Remember the first trimester is particularly horrible, and it WILL be over soon.

Men can be bloody hopeless in those first three months, I find. My dp kept recommending I get out and get some exercise when all I wanted to do was crash in bed...

...take care honey. Sorry sorry sorry you're feeling so vile. MIxxxx

Spod Tue 26-Aug-03 19:20:10

sounds like your hubands being really helpful - not.. dont tak much to work out that if your head is doen the bog then you'd probably appreciate someone else doing the putting to bed and dinner routine... if he was there witnessing it why didnt he get off his arse???!! honestly.. poor you. I have no experience, but doesnt breastfeeding make you more tired then usual also? might help to stop? can sympathise with you... had my morning sickness when trying to attend lectures for a masters degree - felt like crap for months. Dont try and do all that you normally do - its no good for you or baby... your body is telling you to do less... i know thats not practical with a 21 month old but try

moosh Wed 27-Aug-03 15:17:22

I am 13.3 weeks and I still feel like shit (excuse the language). I have a good dh, but I at the moment cannot do all things I usually do with ds1 who is 3.5 years. I go to bed really early and lay down, if I am feeling to groggy to get the dinner, I will give ds a bowl of readybrek or wetabix and a bannana.
Dh's can be insensitive sometimes, because I was in a foul mood on Bank Hol Monday, him and ds went out on a visit to windmills and a picnic and left me at home. At first I was gutted but then used it to advantage and lazed the whole day watching films. You will have the energy to go out again, until then give ds lots of videos, music tapes, crayons e.t.c. to keep him busy. And I hope that your dh becomes more sympathetic, ask him to do a little more to help you out. Or do what I do, if I feel relly shit, I will just give them both a kiss and go and lie down about 7.00pm and leave dh to put ds to bed, he has no choice, I'm not there to do it. Hope you feel better soon.

pie Wed 27-Aug-03 15:19:56

I just got off the bathroom floor before logging on to mumsnet, 3 days ago I didn't even get to the bathroom before puking all over myself. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow...sorry to sound all doom and gloom!!!

The only thing I found that helps (though nothing gets rid of it entirely) is having as much rest as possible. The more tired I am the worse it is.

Hope things get better for you soon.

spikeycat Wed 27-Aug-03 15:49:11

I have just managed to go for a walk with ds - it nearly killed me and I can not wait for bath and bed time (his, not mine!).

I am 11 weeks and 3 days, and at least I haven't had any sickness with either pregnancy, not too sure I could cope with feel tired and sicky.

Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Janstar Wed 27-Aug-03 16:45:31

I just hated every minute of my three pregnancies. You are not alone. And doesn't it just p**s you off when people say how they 'sailed through their pregnancies' and look at you as if somehow you are abnormal.

I was also horrible to my dh all through preganancy. But the good thing is that he now doesn't want to do it again

Lilysmum Thu 28-Aug-03 14:05:27


I totally understand. My dd is only 13 months old and can't quite fathom out why mummy is unavailable for playing with her and can be barely bothered to rouse herself from the sofa. I feel guilty too - like I'm a crap mum and letting dd down. She's been a bit tearful and frustrated lately.

Still it can't be helped, and it won't scar her for life .... so I am trying to keep it in proportion

(I'm 6 weeks 4 days at the moment and chronically tired - although thankfully not feeling particularly sick)

dot1 Thu 28-Aug-03 14:35:16

Can totally sympathise - I'm just over 9 weeks and have a 21 month old v. lively boy! Fortunately dp is absolutely wonderful and has been doing loads, but the feeling sick and tired all day is just awful.

But the last couple of days have been dramatically changed by me wearing those travel sickness wrist bands - I bought them as a last resort/try anything, and they really seem to be working. The nausea has gone, and I think that must have been also making me feel tired, 'cos I don't feel half as tired as I have been recently. It might be worth trying - you can get them from the chemists and they do say they're for morning sickness as well as travel sickness.

I'm not saying I'm bounding around or anything (never did anyway!) but I'm feeling so much better in myself, and more able to cope with toddler/pregnancy/life, and I'm not taking the bands off until the baby's here!

Good luck and I hope your symptoms ease soon.

Harrysmum Thu 28-Aug-03 14:51:42

Dh was lovely and more sympathetic than yours sounds Arabella2 BUT it did take unilateral action every time to spur him into doing things esp in the early days - he assumed that if I was up I was functioning as usual so I resorted to just going to bed and leaving them both so dh had to get on with things. He didn't mind but if I stayed around I would end up doing things when what I really needed was a rest. He got his own back though by breaking his foot and being on crutches for the duration of my pre natal maternity leave!

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