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nicm Thu 09-Dec-10 00:02:23

hi, am about to hire an elle tens machine and was wondering if anyone has hired from this company? i'm going to get next day delivery due to snow and just over a week to due date-organised as ever!!


katherine2008 Thu 09-Dec-10 07:25:49

I wish I could help but DD arrived 3 weeks early and the tens machine arrived in the post the day after we came home... waste of blinking money...

glitterjo Thu 09-Dec-10 10:35:01

I did, paid a bit extra for next day delivery as I'd been dithering about getting one and I'm due next week. Ordered on Sunday evening (knowing that it wouldn't come till Tuesday as I was ordering on the weekend), was impressed to get an email at 8 on Monday morning to say it was packed and would be posted in the next few hours. It arrived Tuesday morning. Everything in good order, clean, spare batteries. I would definitely recommend.

Now all I have to do is hope the bloody thing helps...

tiredfeet Thu 09-Dec-10 12:30:55

Yes I used them and everything arrived in good order and in good time. No problems with them. The tens machine helped a bit, worth getting I think

nicm Thu 09-Dec-10 12:47:33

great thank you! have just ordered and paid next day delivery so hopefully get it tomorrow.

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