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Braxton Hicks contractions almost 20 weeks?

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Leilababyno1 Wed 08-Dec-10 23:00:56

I am 19, almost 20 weeks and have noticed my bump becoming quite uncomfortable and very tight on occasion. This sensations usually lasts around a minute or two and then passes. Feels like someone tightening a belt around my abdomen, could this be Braxton Hicks contractions?? Has anyone one else experienced something similar at 20 weeks?

CrazyChristmasLady Thu 09-Dec-10 09:42:43

Sounds like BH, and yes mine started at the same stage as you.

I didn't notice any with DS but this time (I am now 31 weeks) I am getting them a lot!! And they are pretty uncomfortable too.

LittleB Thu 09-Dec-10 12:01:47

I didn't notice any with dd but this time I've been having them since about 21wks, am now 37 weeks and hoping the real things start soon!

beckie90 Fri 10-Dec-10 16:24:22

hi leilababyno1, yes these do sound like braxton hicks. and ive been gettin them since i was 15 weeks pregnant. it is early to get them as with my 1st i started around 28 weeks. but i suppose sometimes these things just happen

Hest Mon 13-Dec-10 01:06:41

Hi leila, I had Braxton Hicks with both my pregnancies from around 14 weeks. The uterus contracts regularly several times an hour from around 9 weeks, but most women don't feel these movements til much later. Miriam Stoppard details how early they actually start in one of her books, noting that many women don't feel them. Only worry if they become very regular and of increasing intensity over a few hours as this could be preterm labour, especially if accompanied by other symptoms of labour. I'm 37 weeks now and I'm still having them! sometimes 7-8 an hour and often actually verging on the painful! Def not labour though yet... I was a bit concerned when I started getting them so early but as i'd had the same with my first pregnancy I knew it was nothing to worry about. Congrats on your pregnancy and hope it goes well!

Tarlia Mon 13-Dec-10 08:01:55

Yup, I've been getting them from around 23 weeks, I first thought it was the baby annoying me as it feels so tight like baby is pushing everything to the bottom of bump. But when I got them more frequently recently I realised it was these braxton hicks I've heard of.

I've since read more into them, apparently they start at 6 weeks, some people feel them, others do not. I also read that you only need to seek help if you get more than 4 an hour, or they are painful. Advice said they are often triggered by dehydration so have a drink and also you changing position may help stop them.

thefurryone Mon 13-Dec-10 15:03:25

I'm 21 weeks and have been getting them (or perhaps I've just been feeling them) since about 17 weeks, I normally just feel them when I'm lying on my back in bed on an evening. I spoke to the midwife that I saw after my 20 week scan last week and she just said yes most likely braxton hicks and as others above had said to get in touch if they became regular and more intense.

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