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Feeling so ill

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Icanonlytry Wed 08-Dec-10 10:39:25

I am 17 weeks pregnant and feeling so poorly, Dp had to come and pick me up from work on monday because I fainted and was very confused and disorientated.
I've had a bad cold and sore throat for just over three weeks now and it had started to ease off but since yesterday I have had blinding headaches, am aching all over and everytime I stand up and try to do anything I feel dizzy and sick. I also keep getting really blotchy, bright red cheeks and keep bursting into tears for no particular reason (suppose this could be a mixture of pregnancy hormones and feeling sorry for myself)
I have got an appointment at the doctors this afternoon but am worried he will think I am just being soft and tell me to get on with it.
Any ideas what this could be? if I wasn't pregnant and could dose myself up I might not worry as much but because I haven't felt any movement from baby yet I am worrying that something is wrong.

GiraffeYoga Wed 08-Dec-10 10:50:41

Sounds like flu. I mean proper flu. But given the pregnancy, i'd get the GP advice.
have you got a temperature?
My DH has had proper flu (not just a bad cold)over last week. its nasty and just as you describe.
I'd get in bed and stay there!

All the best. xx

Icanonlytry Wed 08-Dec-10 12:10:29

Just keep falling asleep all the time, I am lay on the couch with my pillows and quilt, I haven't got a constant temperature but I do keep burning up for no apparent reason.
If it is the flu will it harm the baby?
Hate waiting for doctors appointments, although i've got a feeling I will just burst into tears the moment I get in there just like I did when I phoned work to say I wasn't well enough to go back yet and when I rang yesterday to make the appointment yesterday blush

SpannerPants Wed 08-Dec-10 12:14:03

I'm 9 weeks and have got flu at the moment - from what I've read it's a high temperature that harms the baby rather than flu itself. Someone on here reassured me the other day that pregnant women have been getting flu for centuries without major problems!

NHS direct advised me to take regular paracetamol, drink lots of fluids and rest.

Hope you feel better soon, it really is miserable

Icanonlytry Thu 09-Dec-10 08:57:39

Thanks, hope you feel better soon spannerpants. Went to the doctors yesterday, he said I have a viral infection, inner ear infection and my blood pressure is dropping very low when I stand, so the three together are making me so tired, dizzy and feel unwell. He said that because my cold and sore throat are easing, I shouldn't worry about it being flu. He has told me to stay off work for the rest of the week, get lots of rest and fluid and if i need a sick note for next week to ring in. Just got dd ready for school (dp has taken her because I don't feel safe to drive), having a quick sit down then going back to bed.

hhg Thu 09-Dec-10 09:00:17

I hope you feel better soon and get lots of sleep. I have also been in bed with flu this week and it is miserable

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