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Pelvic girdle pain-advice please

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annie11 Sun 05-Dec-10 21:39:57

Hi everyone, I'm 39 weeks today with my first, and have been getting a pain in my hip for about a month. Wasn't too bad at first, and I got some help from physio- got a back brace, a crutch and some exercises/advice. Now it's so bad I can barely walk- only a couple of steps, and can't do much for myself. What I was wondering is has anyone here had it, and how soon does it get better after delivery? I can put up with it for the next few days (hopefully not too many!) but dread to think it will stop me from looking after my baby after he's born. Also, have you been able to have a natural delivery- did it make it much harder? Thanks in advance

rachylloyd Sun 05-Dec-10 22:38:28

I'm 36 wks pregnant with my 3rd and had PGP with all 3. ITs got worse with this one and I'm in a similar situation to yourself, on crutches. I had natural labours with my first and second and plan the same with this one. My second was a water birth and it really helped with the pain once you are in the water. Remember to take painkillers, you can get them on prescription, I only use mine when I really have to though. Hope this helps

annie11 Mon 06-Dec-10 00:03:43

Thanks a lot! I just worry because my poorly hip barely moves at all, so I don't know how I'm going to, ahem, spread my legs! The pool is a great idea, have another reason to use it now! What painkillers did you take? I was told I can only have paracetamol, might as well have smarties instead... X

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