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Change to baby's movements

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MrsAnnaBanana Sat 04-Dec-10 20:51:27

Hi all, I'm almost 29 weeks and the baby's movements seem to have changed in the last week or so. Whereas before, I could feel movement at the top of my bump, and sometimes see and feel what were presumably knees/elbows etc popping out, all the movements now seem to be much lower down and towards my back - they feel more like sloshes than things sticking out. I'm guessing that the baby must have turned and now is facing and kicking towards my back? I have an anterior placenta apparently, which I think means I feel fewer movements anyway. What do people think? Should I be worried? Thanks!

AnyFuleSno Sat 04-Dec-10 22:07:38

if your baby is facing the back (and stays that way) that's good news. A back to back baby can take a bit longer to deliver and the birth be a bit more intense.

Your MW should be able to get a decent idea of the position when she checks you next time.

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