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Is it normal to have bouts of ...

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snownutty Sat 04-Dec-10 20:28:38

Almost uncontrollable anger?

I am 12 weeks pg and I have had a couple of outbursts in the last few days. Over really stupid things.

I screamed at DH tonight because I was ranting about something, which I now see was totally irrational, and he told me to calm down which really p*ssed me off. I stormed out the room and nearly ripped the door from its hinges when I slammed it behind me.

I never had this with DS. Please tell me it's just hormones.

MissCKitty Sat 04-Dec-10 20:57:16

Oh god yeah, I am 32 weeks today and since very early on I have had issues with rage. It can be something stupid that will set me off but the red mist comes down and its not safe to be within two foot of me. This is usually followed by bouts of uncontrollable sobbing. Totally hormones and totally normal but my god its hard work.........

Armi Sat 04-Dec-10 21:03:49

I'm 9 weeks and all over the place, too. I was incandescent with rage last night when DH came to bed and accidentally woke me up by putting his arms around me and telling me he loves me. How dare he! grin

I also sobbed inconsolably for about two hours the other evening after watching an old episode of Homes Under the Hammer because I felt sorry for one of the participants. You can't tell me it's normal to be reduced to a howling wreck by a daytime property show.

snownutty Sat 04-Dec-10 21:05:57

Yes, MissCKitty , the sobbing!!

DH doesn't know what to say for the best I don't think.

I was hoping it wouldn't last though and you're at 32 weeks!!!

Any suggestions to stop it before it kicks off. I really feel anxious about it in case I do some damage when I'm storming about in a whirlwind.

MissCKitty Mon 06-Dec-10 20:50:47

My poor DP is up the wall. I know I am being totally unreasonable but its like I am completely removed from myself and have no control at all. I thought it might abate as the weeks went on but no such luck I'm afraid. The only good thing is I can now recognise its going to happen and go and hide in the bedroom til I calm down grin

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