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Reflexology during pregnancy when to order to 'help' baby along..

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Highlandgirl Thu 02-Dec-10 16:40:16

I've read about Reflexology being used during pregnancy in order to help 'progress' labor i.e. get the baby out without having to wait an extra 10 days etc... At what stage should one start having reflexology during pregnancy?

I friend suggested not before 36 weeks (she was a day early) another said from 5 months onwards (and she was a week early) I've had reflexology before and really enjoy it just wondered what you all thought?

Really keen for baby to baby early as my brother is home from Afghan on R&R around my due date, and I'd hate for him to miss out.

Or is everything I've heard total rubbish...?

Thanks smile

JetLi Fri 03-Dec-10 10:15:25

I started a month before the due date but the reflexologist didn't go really mad with the treatments until I reached my due date. If my experience was anything to go by, it's not pleasant! She really went to town when the due date came. I think it helped along with all the other usual stuff to bring about labour wink I went 4 days over in the end.
But you can have reflexology at any time in pregnancy, after the first 12 weeks I believe.

BunnyBaby Fri 03-Dec-10 11:03:36

Hello, I had reflexology all the way through and priming for labour when DS1 went overdue. I was induced at 42 + 4. This was because he was posterior and wasn't putting enough pressure on the cervix to establish labour. I would say if positioning correct it may help. We'll see this time as 36 + 6 and dc2 in a much better position.

Baby is likely to come when ready. All the best

Highlandgirl Fri 03-Dec-10 12:50:49

Thank you JetLi and BunnyBaby..!

Baby will arrive when it's good and ready...i know that but would just really really love for it to arrive so my brother can meet 'it'!

Thanks for your info, I think i'll start in the New Year..!

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