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Moving to different part of country at 8 months pregnant...

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Seabrookscheeseandonion Thu 02-Dec-10 16:28:03

My DP lives in a different part of the country and after very careful consideration, it makes sense (and I want to!) move in with him. I'll be starting my ML 6 weeks before my due date so the big move will probably happen the following week. I'm just starting to flap a bit about all the logistics of the move and changing midwife and hospitals. Does anyone have any advice or ways I can organise myself in advance? Thanks

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 02-Dec-10 16:46:01

Haven't really got any advice apart from get as many things sorted as you can now, like getting most of your things packed as soon as possible, getting all your baby stuff sorted, doing a trial run from your new home to the hospital so that you are fimilar with the route and know how long its going to take.

I'd also phone the hospital and ask if they do anything like relaxation classes so that you can meet a few people. NCT classes might also be worthwhile as would checking with the local nct to see if they run any groups for Mums and Mums-to-Be. Going to a group like that stopped me from feeling isolated when I moved to a new town with DH and DC1 and helped me make some good friends in my new town.

Congratulations smile

Highlandgirl Thu 02-Dec-10 16:49:15


We have moved, not far but it did mean I had to change hospitals etc etc. I went via my GP.

First thing to do is find yourself a new GP, make an appointment ASAP and take all your paperwork etc. Your GP will refer you to the local hospital. You can also self-refer to the local hospital (most places you can now do this online) I know plenty on Mum's who have done this.

I had to have to have all my bloods re-done but no further scans. I found it very easy.

Don't forget to join a local Mums and Babies group or NCT..!

Good luck and I hope the move and birth go

Seabrookscheeseandonion Thu 02-Dec-10 16:52:54

Ah thank you both. I can see a to do list now with things to tick off rather than a mass jumble of worries!!! smile

sh77 Thu 02-Dec-10 16:58:08

Don't worry - I changed hospital on my due date and managed to have an induction 2 days later. Do get your MW booking appt as soon as you arrive.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 02-Dec-10 17:05:58

If you are thinking of bfing you could also find out where the local bfing support groups are and the numbers of the local bfing counsellors.

Does your new area have a Children's Centre?

Oh, and don't forget to pack your bag before you move, my DC1 came at 38+1. LOs seem to have their own timetables smile

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