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Help please - need advice on early pregnacy symptoms

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Binkybell Thu 02-Dec-10 08:21:38

Hi there
I didn't want write this in the subjest heading (not the mist pleasant subject!) but I'm now 6 + 5 and getting the worst constipation. I have a really healthy diet and drink lots of water but am still suffering.
Does anyone know what I can do or take to alleviate the symptoms?
Any advice would be sooooooooo appreciated.
Thank you.

clarabellarocks Thu 02-Dec-10 08:34:56

That's been me for my entire pregnancy!! I know some people swear by prune juice. I have all bran and lactulose (poo softner that you can get from chemist over the counter). It works....just!

Some people manage on just bran flakes but I can't do that even when I'm not pregnant!

Justtrying Thu 02-Dec-10 08:42:23

Hi Binky, I had the same problem until about 13 weeks, now 16 weeks and its much better. I had to really increase my fluid intake, dried fuit also helped a bit, on really uncomfortable days i didn't take my mum to be multivits as I think the iron doesn't help things. Keeping active, not easy if you're feeling rough, also helps.
Good luck you will feel more comfortable before too long smile

JBrd Thu 02-Dec-10 09:41:34

I can on ly second what the others have said - lots of fluids and exercise have helped me most. Also, I swear by linseeds - sprinkle them over your cereal or salad every day, they do a great job. I did try prune juice (nasty stuff), but all that did was give me the winds from hell...

Binkybell Thu 02-Dec-10 10:03:46

Thanks everyone
I really appreciate being able to get advice from you all. Its my first pregnancy, so despite trawling the net for advice I often feel a little in the dark - why is it at the time you most need to ask questions, you can't tell anyone!!!
Anyway, will buy some linseed & Lactulose and try the prune juice. I exercise regularly already, and do drink an awful lot of water, so guess I've just got to try some of the other tips you've given.
Thank you, thank you. smile

lilly13 Thu 02-Dec-10 11:39:10

there has been a good thread on this topic (in the subject) a week or two ago. check it out. drink plenty of water. probiotic yogurt and lots fruit/veggies, and doing yoga daily help me. try to move around whenever possible.

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