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Wind (burp)

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itisntreallyme Wed 01-Dec-10 18:50:46

I'm 9 weeks and recently have been getting this terrible trapped wind in my chest or wherever it is. It feels like this lump in my throat and I just can't burp it out. It was bothering me all last night (when I woke in the night as well) and is starting again now. Does anyone else have this? And what can I do to shift it? Or not get it in the first place?

jellyhead188 Wed 01-Dec-10 19:25:03

I had that all the way to about 17 weeks (sorry!), I think its indigestion, the only thing that helped me slightly was sucking crumbly mints! It was oen of the first signs of pregnancy for me.

happycamel Wed 01-Dec-10 20:39:04

I had that too and about the same number of weeks. Antacids (or gaviscon) sorted me out. Just check with the pharmacist or on the back of the pack but I think they're all okay no matter how many weeks you are.

Try cutting down on spicy and acidic food (especially citrus fruit and apples) too and see if that helps. I ate a lot of toast, crumpets and hula hoops in my first trimester. I got my vit c etc from veg rather than fruit or fruit juice - it just seemed to help.

I've been back on a "normal" diet since about 14 weeks.

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