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Back pain

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tlise Tue 30-Nov-10 18:56:00

I woke last night with bad back pain in the left side of my back, sort of around middle of the back towards the side, and sometimes it goes round to my ribs and the muscle there hurts as well when I breathe. It hurts when I press on it a bit and hurts when I move, or lie, or sit still lol. I wondered at first if it was because I was constipated, as I take codeine as am normally the other way, but sometimes it gives me pain but normally lower. hubby thinks I have pulled a muscle. I think I have had it once before but wasn't pregnant so obviously didn't dwell on it. And it is just up from where my back hurts anyway while pregnant following an accident when I was 16 so I am used to aches.

I just wondered if anyone wanted to give me a second opinion, or maybe had it themselves?

LittleB Tue 30-Nov-10 20:03:40

I get back pain in the middle of my back on one side, but thats related to spd/pgp which I have on one side more than the other. It could just be a pulled muscle though, see how it goes then ask your mw? You need to be careful about taking codeine whilst pg as babies can be born dependant on it.

tlise Wed 01-Dec-10 12:42:00

yeah they said it was ok earlier, but not later on. Its only a very low does as luckily my system has slowed down a little. I can actually eat dairy some days lol.
It seems to be a little better today, and altho giving me trouble through the night, when I woke it wasn't hurting but has started again now, but not as much there and more bottom of my back....but that could be cos I had to walk 3 miles back yesterday, one mile up a steep hill, one mile down a hill, in the snow cos the buses wouldn't go near my town lol. I have got a doc apppointment tuesday if its no better then will mention it. thanks

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