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Clear blue tests

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brunotheboxer Tue 30-Nov-10 14:47:11

hi im just wondering if any1 could help me pls, ive just found out im pregnant but i cant remember the first day of my last period... ive done a clearblue and it came up 1-2.... whats does this mean? how many weeks will i be? im usually on around the 25/26th every month which i just worked out to be 5wks 1 day!!!
i have symtoms of headache, dizzy, VERY sore boobs, needing toilet and tired all the time and sometimes metal taste in my mouth!
just wondering if any1 knows anything about clearblue... i know its says on the box 1-2 means 3-4 wks but i just worked out 5 wks!! abit confused!!!

jellyhead188 Tue 30-Nov-10 15:00:17

Hi congratulations!! - I'm not sure how accurate they are - it just means your about 1-2 weeks post conception. I wouldn't worry too much about it - your midwife/GP will go on your last period, and work out your EDD based on the length of your cycles, so if you normally have 28 day cycles your and you came on 25th October then your about 4 and a half weeks, but if you normally have 35ish day cycles then your less than that.

Not sure if that helps!

Cyclebump Tue 30-Nov-10 15:22:02

Congratulations! I had this problem as my periods are completely erratic. 1-2 means from date of conception, your pregnancy will be dated from about two weeks before that (date your cycle began roughly).

Tell them you're unsure and they may offer you an early dating scan to confirm.

brunotheboxer Thu 02-Dec-10 12:49:17

Thanks for this information... im going to go to docs and see if tehy give me an early scan

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