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please tell me morning sickness gets worse before better

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Scouseem Tue 30-Nov-10 10:01:45

mornin all
im 13wks5 and morning sickness is worse then ever please someone tell me it gets worse then gets better asap??
i need a bit of hope to get me through the day lol.


nparkin Tue 30-Nov-10 10:28:00

Im now 32 weeks and its amazing how you completely forget about the horridness of morning sickness.. It DOES get better and does go, I had mine until about 18 weeks and was bad from 10 to 16 weeks looking back I have no idea how I managed to get to work and back everyday. Its amazing how we cope and how our bodies are designed for all of this during pregnancy.
Dont worry It will go and if you feel dreadful just take a day off work and don't feel guilty. I had mornings where I just couldnt face it so stayed in bed and it really helps.

It WILL get better!!!

Scouseem Tue 30-Nov-10 10:49:16

Thank you for your reply. I'm clinging to the fact that it will stop one day. I just cant wait till the day i get up and actually want to eat instead of this little monkey hating everything i eat.
Good look with the rest of your pregnancy.

GretnaGirl Tue 30-Nov-10 10:54:51

You poor thing, I feel for you. My sickness was awful from 7 weeks til 18 weeks. I'm at 20 weeks now and although still nauseaus I'm not being sick anymore. Don't push yourself too hard, I found the more tired I was the worse the sickness was. nparkin is right about work, put yourself first and rest as much as you can.

LucindaE Tue 30-Nov-10 10:57:20


Sorry you feel so bad. I know 'have you tried' can be so annoying - but I found flat coke really good. Little sips. Mint tea, too. If you are actually vomiting a lot, do take care that you don't get dehydrated...
Best of luck

EnnisDelMar Tue 30-Nov-10 11:05:44

Yes it can get a lot worse before it gets better.

It is supposed to be a result of progesterone circulating in your bloodstream. Obviously the more pregnant you are the more of it is being produced, so it can get worse and worse until the point around 14 weeks when the uterus starts producing the hormone within itself (I think the placenta?)
so it isn't circulating round your entire system any more. That's why you start to feel better around then (usually!)

Try to stay hydrated, don't worry about eating. Just try to keep drinking if you can as it makes a massive difference to how well you feel. Iced drinks helped me a lot with hyperemesis.

angels1 Tue 30-Nov-10 12:07:21

yes, mine got worse around the 12 ish week mark and then gradually improved after that. Seemed to get better by 16 weeks and again better around 20 weeks. Still feel sick every day at 28 weeks but nothing like what it as in first trimester and eating is much easier now (thank goodness).

Scouseem Tue 30-Nov-10 12:30:45

hi thanks everyone for replying. seems like its the 16wk i need to get to till i feel normalish again.

LucindaE i tried the coke thing and just couldnt bare the feeling of it coming back up again

thanks again everyone i@ll just keep going hoping that the end is close and i'll start the nice few months soon. haha


cherrycobbler Tue 30-Nov-10 12:38:24

you have my sympathies - I felt really awful at about 8 weeks and then again 13 weeks (was still being sick between them but it seemed to peak at those two times). Am now 16 weeks and feeling SO much better - still feeling a bit sick but not throwing up and sometimes actually looking forward to eating things as opposed to completely dreading all food. Lots of people I moaned spoke to said that 16 weeks seemed to be a bit of a magic mark for them too. Really hope the same goes for you!

Scouseem Tue 30-Nov-10 14:26:36

Thank you cherrycobbler. I just cant wait till i want food again instead of dreading it and choosing so careful because some foods are worse to throw up (horrible sorry).
Fingers crossed im one of those lucky people who just need to get to the 16wk mark.


ShuffleBallChange Tue 30-Nov-10 14:37:20

It DOES get better, I was in hospital with hyperemisis with both pregnancies and very ill but its amazing how quickly you forget quite how ill you were - there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy - hang on in there xx

Stangirl Tue 30-Nov-10 15:36:24

Like some of the others on here my ms started around week 8 and went on till week 18 - peaking around 12-14 weeks. I'm now pg again with DC2. Week 7 - so I'm waiting for it to hit again.

rudbekia Tue 30-Nov-10 15:47:07

i had dreadful MS - started at 7wks and only started to clear at 14wks. honestly, it does get better. i found i was feeling more like eating at 12/13wks but had a real set-back one weekend around this time and spent the best part of 48hrs in bed feeling soooooo sick and weak and tired....but one day you will wake up and food wont seem like such a bad idea! hang in there x

LucindaE Wed 01-Dec-10 09:38:24

Scouseem Sorry that flat coke became disgusting, I know how that is! My other sources of hydration were Mint tea, sips of tepid water and ice lollies. I was in a terrible state but saw an Acupunturist who said, 'Hyperemesis' to my horror, but after a few treatments I was a lot better. It was horribly expensive though (that was a few years ago) and while I know it has helped several women, you may not choose that route.
Best of luck, anyway. The chances are overwhelmingly that you will be immeasurably better by 16 weeks.
Good luck.

Scouseem Wed 01-Dec-10 16:51:27

well today im feeling a tiny bit better so hoping its the start of feeling normal again. You wouldnt believe how excited i was today to drink a glass of water and for it to taste normal and stay down.
Thanks for everyones messages.


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