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How long to wait?

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Laura05 Sun 28-Nov-10 18:54:26

Hi All,
Just wondered if anyone could tell me how long after you see your GP does the midwife get in touch to book you in for your date scan? As i fell pregnant pretty much as soon as i came off the pill, my GP and I are guessing im about 5-6 weeks but it really is a guess.
Im desperate for the date scan i can't wait to find out how far gone I am and when the baby will be due! smile

Pookimum Sun 28-Nov-10 19:10:49

I called my GP surgery when I found out I was pg (only about 2 wks pg) & they told me I had to wait until 6 wks then call the midwife to get a booking in appointment for sometime around 8-10 wks. At the booking in appointment the midwife faxed the hospital to get a dating scan appointment for 13wks, the appointment was sent to us in the post a few days after seeing the midwife. I'm sure different health authorities have different proceedures though. The first few weeks can really drag, I know mine did

nicki1978 Sun 28-Nov-10 19:11:29

Hi Laura,

Congrats to you.

We found out we were pregnant at 5 weeks also, so rang GP surgery and was booked in to see midwife a fortnight later (due to her busy schedule otherwise would have been sooner). We filled in a few forms (no tests to confirm pregnancy) and then she booked us a home visit last week (9 weeks), due to go for dating scan end of next week (10 weeks).

I understood from my GP that they generally like to do the dating scan around 10 weeks now. With an anomoly test at aroun 20 weeks and at this time you should receive your MAT B1 form.

Hope this helps x

PGWomble Sun 28-Nov-10 19:11:55

Hi and congratulations! AFAIK dating is done as part of the twelve week scan and your GP will have submitted the 5/6 week guess into the system and your appointment will be based on this. If when it is done they see that you are too early in your pregnancy to complete all of the routine checks you will be invited to return. Of course with all if these things it varies depending on where you live so others may have different views/ experiences.

PGWomble Sun 28-Nov-10 19:17:03

ps. Don't hold your breath on getting the MATB1 at twenty weeks. I'm 28 weeks and been told I'll get it at this week's antenatal appointment...luckily my employer is relaxed about it.

Laura05 Sun 28-Nov-10 19:18:06

Yeah my Gp said that the midwife would be in contact with me to arrange a visit and date scan. A friend of mine had a scan and it showed her to be 4 weeks. Another friend had a scan and it showed to be to early in the pregnancy to determine anything so she went back two weeks later. From memories of friends my area seems to do them much earlier than 12 weeks (which seems AGES away) so im hoping i hear next week.

Christina77 Sun 28-Nov-10 20:06:13

i found out i was pregnant almost two weeks ago and am very excited. i went straight to my gp who generally isnt great, but i filled in the form he gave me and posted it straight away. I havent heard anything yet, how long should i wait to hear back, is this a normal amount of time to wait to hear from the nhs? Confused.

Katietatie123 Mon 29-Nov-10 09:20:00

I saw my midwife at about 9 weeks, and i think she got in touch at about 2 weeks before.

I was in a similar situation though with getting pregnant straight after coming off the pill and my GP referred me straight to the EPU for an early dating scan. I'm not sure if that's just my part of the world that offers that service (South East London) but it might be worth asking?

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