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Want to know its not just me.

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Alamaya Sun 28-Nov-10 16:55:57

I am 15wk 3day.
Now i was not a slim girl when i got pregnant and even though my stomach has gotten bigger (i say fatter lol although i have only put on 2lb) It looks nothing like a bump just like i have ate too much.
I cant feel anything just wobble. Should i feel firmness other than muscle??

Got my 16wk appointment on Thurs and really hoping to hear heartbeat because other than my 12 week scan pic i really sometimes wonder if there is something in there lol.

lilly13 Sun 28-Nov-10 18:04:58

Hi Alamaya, I am 16.5 weeks. My pre-preg BMI was 17, I have put on 4 pounds thus far. I have skinny limbs and my stomach is sticking out as if I ate too much and gave up on excercise (don't look pregnant yet - just a ridiculous excercise slob). I'd say my stomach feels like a mixture of flab and muscle (however, I have been doing regular yoga about 5-6 times per week and had strong abs pre-pregnancy), so not sure what it is supposed to look like... Going for a scan next week - can't wait... I am sure if you have no bleeding and feel well, then everything is totally fine! Just relax and ebjoy!

lilly13 Sun 28-Nov-10 18:05:21


TooImmature2BMum Sun 28-Nov-10 18:35:24

I heard the heartbeat at my 16 week appointment, so you ought to hear it...good luck, and don't worry about your bump! It will come properly soon enough.

clarabella18 Sun 28-Nov-10 18:41:57

Ala I'm exactly the same as you! Was a size 20 pre preg and am now 15+ 4 have actually lost 6llbs since I got a bfp! All of my trousers are too tight, have no visable bump and still feel very wobbly round there. I don't think immeven gonna look preg till about march at this rate! And I'm really struggling to find any maternity jeans too so feeling proper fed up!

WriterofDreams Sun 28-Nov-10 19:01:44

I'm about a size 10 normally and I didn't get a proper bump until I was about 20 weeks. In fact it popped out so suddenly that DH was quite shocked - I was getting dressed one day and he looked at me open-mouthed and said "Oh my god we're having a baby!" It was very funny. Up until that point I just looked a bit fat. Now I'm 36 weeks and I'm ginormous!

bonnymiffy Sun 28-Nov-10 20:08:24

I'm 13 weeks and although my jeans are tighter there's no noticable bump. i just feel flabby, as my belly isn't tight, and definitely wobbles! I had the first scan 2 days ago, WOW! I was blown away at the amount of detail we could see. I hope your next scan puts your mind at rest Alamaya, I wake up feeling fine most days and wonder if I'm still pregnant, but as I feel rubbish by about 3pm I know that I really am.

bitingfairy Sun 28-Nov-10 20:17:06

Your uterus doesn't grow out of your pelvis until 12 ish weeks, and then for a while after that it's mostly the other organs which get pushed up out of the way you can feel so it's all squashy and squidgy (well mine was anyway)! grin Your bump will get harder as it grows and your uterus gets bigger and more full of baby! I'm nearly 32 weeks now and mine feels ginormous grin

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