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What could a week long bad headache mean?

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boredwithfoodprob Sun 28-Nov-10 15:14:58

Bit worried so wondered if anyone had any experience of this. My sister's bf went to GP on Friday as he had been suffering for all day long bad headaches for a week. GP sent him off to A&E for tests that evening. They gave him an MRI scan and took lots of blood for tests so are obviously taking it seriously. He gets the results next week. He has no other symptoms. So what, apart from scary things like a tumour (which I would imagine would present itself with other symptoms) could this be? What else would they be testing for? My sister has been in tears today so would be great if I could reassure her..... Thanks in advance x

boredwithfoodprob Sun 28-Nov-10 15:15:52

Ooops sorry! This should have been posted in health.

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