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Anyone petrified of falling in the snow/ice?

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witches Sat 27-Nov-10 17:10:12

Ok only like 5weeks along so very early and i love the snow however i hav never had to be quite so careful about falling over and I am turning into a nervous wreck walking at snail pace - anyone similar or just me being mega paranoid?

TooImmature2BMum Sat 27-Nov-10 17:19:24

Me! I was torn between wanting to run and slide in the snow, but being too scared in case I fell over. I slipped at one point and DH grabbed my hand so hard it hurt! So it's not just me that's paranoid.

happycamel Sat 27-Nov-10 17:23:33

Lol, me too. I'm RH Neg and have some other risk factors so a fall would mean a trip to hospital, anti-D injection etc etc.

I've already told work that if there's snow or ice on the road I'm working from home. I made them put it in the risk assessment! Now I'm hoping for a decent snowfall (some hope, I'm in the Thames Valley) so I can snuggle up on the sofa with my laptop for weeks rather than driving in to the office.

Wouldn't worry at 5 weeks though. Your baby is still protected by your pelvis. Once you've got a bump you need to be more careful.

SlummyMummyAndProud Sat 27-Nov-10 17:25:40

Same here.

Currently 39wks and have placed myself under house arrest until it melts.

Or until I go into labour.

Whichever comes first.

faverolles Sat 27-Nov-10 17:43:51

31 weeks here and terrified of slipping, walking, driving, well, everything about snow!
Been in all day today, and have cabin fever now.

witches Sat 27-Nov-10 18:58:15

good to know other people feel the same. Didn't know about the pelvis thing so thats good just paranoid that anything at this early stage could affect it! I am also RH negative what are the complication with that - my husband is also does that make it ok? Im glad these forums are here as because its soooo early you can't really talk about it properly! Can't imagine the stage u guys are all at now exciting / scary!grin

Mmmaa Sat 27-Nov-10 20:22:45

Same! Was terrified walking to work this morning but managed to stay upright.

happycamel Sat 27-Nov-10 20:49:25

If your husband is RH- too then you are fine. My husband is being assumed to be RH+ (they won't check) so I have to have anti-D in case baby is RH+.

If you and hubby are both RH- then you must both carry two copies of the RH- gene (homozygous) so your baby must be RH- too.

If your DH were RH+ then he could be homozygous (two copies of RH+ gene, baby definitely RH+) or heterozygous (one copy of RH+ one of RH-) and baby could be either. RH+ is dominant so heterozygous people will always barry the D antigen.

If an RH- woman comes in to contact with RH+ blood from her baby her immune system will react to it and produce antibodies. This isn't normally a problem for that pregnancy but means mum's immune system will react to RH+ blood in further pregnancies, potentially endangering them. RH- women therefore have routine and emergency anti-D injections to minimise the risk of them producing antibodies on coming into contact with RH+ blood. Obviously, a fall could cause a little bleed and create that crossover of blood cells.

Sorry for the really long post but this question comes up quite a lot so I thought it might help. In summary RH- and RH- = no worries!

witches Sat 27-Nov-10 20:55:49

Thanks for taking the time to give such a detailed answer uv obviously done your homework! i can stop worrying bout that - tomorrow i will have thought of something different to stress over! wink

pissovski Sat 27-Nov-10 22:00:03

I am 17+4 and am a bit paranoid. Fortunately we haven't had any snow round by me just yet, but, having fractured my wrist falling on ice early this year, I am going into hibernation if we do get anything.

tlise Sun 28-Nov-10 00:17:57

we have heavy snow here and I am taking tiny steps, but last week it was ice, you can't be too careful

moirasings Sun 28-Nov-10 05:19:42

I have already fallen over twice walking home from work when there was NO snow, so I am avoiding walking any distance at all right now - just to and from the car. (I'm 30 weeks.) Feel a bit sad to be missing out on all the snow fun but falling over is horrible!

nicolamumof3 Sun 28-Nov-10 08:21:26

i fell on the ice outside the delivery suite at hospital when in labour with ds2! horrible.

nannyl Sun 28-Nov-10 08:50:13

im not even pregnant and am terrified of walking on this ice

we had snow yesturday, temps of -9 last night aqnd the pavements look lethal sad

LabMonkey Sun 28-Nov-10 09:48:49

I'm 17+2 and my bike is now banished to the garage for the winter as I've promised not to cycle on the ice/frost/snow.

I miss my bike but I know I have to be careful - just annoyed that I'll need to walk to work now which takes 3 times as long!

jasmine51 Sun 28-Nov-10 10:07:18

Hi all
You can buy ice grips that slip on over your shoes if those would help. I speak as someone who took a tumble on Friday and sprained their ankle...not good. MW not concerned unless there is pain or bleeding but it certainly shocked me into taking to my sofa and not moving.
I'm tempted to post on all those threads about skiing when pg in the stongest terms to say 'if you dont value your bump then off you go', its certainly made me think very carefully about the risks

witches Sun 28-Nov-10 10:24:55

Where do you get these ice grips and do they work? im sorry to hear so many people have fallen but also glad that you all seem to be doing fine!

jasmine51 Sun 28-Nov-10 10:29:12

You can get them on Amazon, just search for ice grips. There are several types on there and they do work well.
Thankyou, yes I'm fine, just a bit shaken, annoyed and worried about little 'un!

daisystone Sun 28-Nov-10 11:04:04

41 weeks and induction next week and I daren't go out my front door. I want to get the Sunday papers and some milk but don't want to walk to the shop (DH is at work).

I hate it. How typical that it turns icy and snowy just when we have to drive to hospital at any time?

thefurryone Sun 28-Nov-10 13:05:03

Not any more worried than I would be normally which is odd for me as I love a good worry!

I did have quite a big fall at 6 weeks and have made it to 19 weeks without any bother so figured there isn't really much extra risk from slipping over. Would probably be a bit more worried if I was further along and a bit bigger and unbalanced.

Dziga Sun 28-Nov-10 13:33:44

Thanks for the tip about the ice grippers - the route from the bus stop to work is like an ice slide when the weather is bad, these look like a good solution

varicoseveined Thu 02-Dec-10 09:27:11

Am psyching myself to tell work that I'm not coming in due to snow and ice... I have to walk and take public transport, am 29 weeks and am not prepared to take the risk.

misdee Thu 02-Dec-10 09:30:34

i di fall over yesterday on the way ti midwife appointment. skidded on a patch of ice, and bruised my bum and hip. my dh has never heard such foul language escape from me.

FindingMyMojo Thu 02-Dec-10 10:09:26

misdee ouch!!!

I have a very slippy/icy walk on my journey to work - down suburban streets that are link ice rinks & unlikely to get gritted. Never thought I'd say this, but bring on the rain to wash it all away. I'm wearing my walking boots but though they are great in the snow they are not great on the ice.

18wks & paranoid about falling. Looking at ice grippers now

PaigeTurner Thu 02-Dec-10 10:37:36

I'm 35 weeks and daren't leave the house - bit difficult as I live on my own, but the pavements are so icy and I've already fallen over at 30 weeks and it was frightening! Hopefully I won't run out of food...

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