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DS2 due on DS1's birthday

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Alicious Thu 25-Nov-10 13:36:11

Hi everyone, I know this might sound really irrational and also is hardly a very important worry, but I don't want my two boys to share a birthday! Or rather, I don't want DS2 to come and 'steal' DS1's big day!

Obviously there is a good chance that DS2 will come a bit earlier or later, but I just wondered what anyone else's experience/opinion was?

Thanks, my DH thinks I'm crazy to even be bothered, but I will be doing my utmost to get DS2 out of me before the 19/12!

Batteryhuman Thu 25-Nov-10 13:39:20

Perhaps you should have thought about this 9 months ago grin. Bit late now.

Alicious Thu 25-Nov-10 13:44:20

Yeah well, some things just aren't planned

websticks Thu 25-Nov-10 13:52:08

I am having the same worry. Ds1 was due on christmas day he came early on the 8th dec. Ds2 is due on the 22nd dec and worried he will come early too( which i would be pleased about) but just not on Ds1s birthday. It will be ds1s 13th birthday too so would like it to be special, and not have his mum in hospital. But what will be will be!

wigglesrock Thu 25-Nov-10 13:54:05

My sister was due on my birthday, she came a week early. Never bothered us, easier for my Mum re joint birthday parties grin.

PGWomble Thu 25-Nov-10 13:54:07

You may find it gives them a special bond. You can celebrate as a family on their actual birthday every year and as long as you allow them individual parties (which means more expense at one time I realise) it may be a really lovely thing.

I realise it's different as adults involved, but my husband and his father share a birthday and my baby's due on the same day!!

As for this year, you don't say how old DS1 is so whether he'll be cross, ambivalent or happy to have his sibling arrive on his big day...

Having said all that, of course only 7% of babies arrive on their due date according to my MW!

Good luck!

Mmmaa Thu 25-Nov-10 15:24:38

My sister was born on my 2nd birthday, so for as long as I can remember it's been 'our' day.
We're really close & it's nice having that special day for both of us.

Birthday parties were easy - when we were younger we shared them, and as we got older, one of us had a party the weekend before and one the weekend after, and now we just do our own thing and come together with family on our actual birthday.

The only time it was ever a problem was when people got us joint birthday presents shock !

Honestly, if it does happen, it's not the worst thing in the world.

kitstwins Thu 25-Nov-10 18:26:29

I share a birthday with my brother, who is three years older and I can honestly say that it's fantastic - like being a twin in some ways (and I have twins so I know all about that). I do think it gives you an extra special bond. I know on my birthday that it's also my brother's birthday and that I'm thinking of him and he's thinking of me. There's nothing negative about it. We had joint birthday parties when we were little, which were a riot (hordes of children - far more exciting) and always separate birthday cakes. The only thing that did annoy us somewhat was when people gave us joint cards and birthday presents. I feel the same for my daughters now - they're two separate people so to be lumped together on their birthday is unfair on them.

From my brother's perspective he has always said he's liked sharing a birthday. I think he wanted a trainset for his third and so to get a sister might have been a bit annoying for a few weeks but he weathered it with aplomb.

If it happens then it's a bit of magic so don't worry about it. It's meant to be. Just make sure you give them separate cakes and sing them separate renditions of Happy Birthday' (rather than "Haaaaappy Birthday dear X & Z..."). From a parental perspective, having children share a birthday makes birthday parties far less painless. I only have to do it once a year, which is a benefit that is not to be underestimated.

Honestly, it's a good thing. Neither my brother or I would change it if we had the chance. Even when we squabbled during our moody teenage years and had nothing in common birthdays always felt pretty special because of it. I get huge pleasure from speaking to my brother on 'our' birthday. It's the only phone call I really care about on the day.

fatsatsuma Thu 25-Nov-10 18:31:38

DD1 was due on DS's 2nd birthday. I had a big rush of energy on the day and threw a birthday party for him, much to the alarm of all my friends who feared the baby was about to arrive grin

However she stayed put for another 9 days.

Tbh, it's a big headache having two birthdays so close together, and I think I would have preferred to have them both on the same day <<lazy emoticon>>

EMS23 Thu 25-Nov-10 18:50:43

My DD1 was born two weeks ago on my stepson's birthday. He thinks it's the best thing ever (he was 7 on the day) but for us parents, especially my DH it's going to be a bit of a nightmare going forward as joint birthday parties aren't really an option with my stepsons mum not being that keen on me.
Who knows what will happen but what will be will be and all the positive stories above give me hope for a smooth ride!!
Good luck anyway OP, hopefully they won't share a birthday in the end anyway. I haven't worked out the odds but they must be pretty slim.

glitterjo Thu 25-Nov-10 21:26:42

oh gosh, I'm so relieved to see other people in the same situation - my baby is due three days before my stepson's 11th birthday and I'm really nervous about it. I'm hoping it will come either quite early (er...which would be about now) or late...

autumnberry Thu 25-Nov-10 22:29:04

Not sure how it was managed by my parents for such a positive outcome, but both they, myself and my two brothers all have our birthdays within three weeks of each other. Never seemed to be a problem. We all had our own presents. These days it is nice to go out for a joint meal to celebrate.

perpetuallypregnant Thu 25-Nov-10 23:00:26

My DS and DD1 were due 3 days apart but he came early and she late so there are 2 years and 12 days between them, they had joint parties when they were little and it's never bothered them.

My DD3 was born on May 18th this year and DC5 is due on May 6th next year (all my girls have been 6 days late), I'm expecting there to be about a week between their birthdays! I think it'll be quite nice especially since there is only going to be a year between them.

1Catherine1 Thu 25-Nov-10 23:02:33

Me and my younger sister (5 years younger) have exactly two weeks between our birthdays and I think we got a rough deal. It is not so much a problem if everyone remembers that you have 2 separate people and none of this joint present stuff. I resented joint presents as a child mainly because it meant I got mine a week late and my sister got hers a week early or she got to celebrate her birthday on my birthday and then two weeks later. As a child this caused problems between me and my sister because in my child mind it was "her" fault rather than it being my mothers fault. So, it won't be a problem if you don't make it a problem.

Janus Fri 26-Nov-10 14:44:07

My fourth has the same due date as my second so a good chance they may share a birthday as both my first 2 were exactly 4 days late so it seems to be a bit of a pattern.
Dd2 is 7 years old and is so excited it may be born on her birthday, even with the news that her party will have to be a month early!!
In years to come I think it may be a very special bond, if it does happen for you.

ChippyMinton Fri 26-Nov-10 14:48:14

My friend's DDs were born on the same date two years apart. It does mean that everyone always remembers both their birthdays.

GlitteryBalls Fri 26-Nov-10 14:53:15

My bro was due on my birthday, but he was born exactly a week early. Still meant a childhood of joint parties though!

growing3rdbump Fri 26-Nov-10 17:43:24

My DD was 2 wks early and arrived 2 days before my birthday (I was born on my mum's birthday, so October is an expensive month). DS was due on 18th May 2007 and arrived 1 wk early on 11th May. Third baby is due on 16th May 2011 and I'm hoping it's either right on time or 2 wks early... it was bad planning on our part! Hoping it will mean our birthday garden parties can be joint ones and I'm sure DS really wont mind.

Alicious Fri 26-Nov-10 20:07:55

Thank you all so much for replying-I'm beginning to come round to the idea of a shared birthday now! We'll just have to wait and see-its just a pity that Christmas follows 6 days later-December is going to cost me a fortune!

tlise Fri 26-Nov-10 22:09:11

this one is due on 15th, youngest DS was 11th and hubbys is 14th April. Both have said it would be a nice present (well DS says as long as its a girl lol), either way its expensive anyway. It will come when its ready, but even if it does arrive on the same day, it will be as special as you make it. I always feel sorry for those who are born christmas day. now that IS stealing thunder lolol x

Lizzylou Fri 26-Nov-10 22:13:15

Aaah, I have two boys two years apart, one born on 4th, the other the 14th of same month. One was early, one late.

No worries, never been any birthday jealousy here and only a few shared parties.

Seems a few of us have a "breeding season" grin

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