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a question to anyone who has used anti sickness meds for quite some time during their pg...

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angels1 Wed 24-Nov-10 15:37:12

I've been on cyclizine since week 6 (now week 27). Chances are I think I'll be on them till the end of pg as I still feel sick every day and have tried reducing my dose but every time I do I feel much worse.

To anyone who has had to take any antisickness meds for any length of time during pregnancy (esp cyclizine) - did you get any withdrawl symptoms when you stopped them? Did you stop them suddenly or slowly? I'm a bit confused that if I suddenly stop once baby is born it might affect me (very sensitive to drugs) but I'm not sure how, so am wondering whether to plan to take a few days weaning myself off post birth.

grumblinalong Wed 24-Nov-10 16:05:47

Hi angels1

I was on cyclizine right through my pg with DS2 and as soon as he popped out I felt fine. I didn't have any problems stopping it, had it the morning I went into labour and didn't have it the day after. Felt no side effects/withdrawal symptoms.

It's not a particularly strong drug (think it's an anti-histamine?)so there shouldn't be any problems withdrawing it.

Dylthan Wed 24-Nov-10 16:14:08

I was on cyclizine from about 6 weeks also and I was on it right up until the day I had dd.

I was really worried about withdrawel too especially since everytime I tried to stop during the pg I got really, really sick again.

But as soon as dd was born I stopped takeing my tablets and the sickness never returned.

Poor you though it is horrible but it will all stop as soon as you are holding your beautiful baby. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy x

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