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Green Concern & Vulnerable Form - what does this mean???

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mrsbettyb Wed 24-Nov-10 11:01:32

Hoping someone might shed some light on a form that's got me worried.
Just met my midwife (am only 7 weeks!), due to my medical history I've already requested a caesarian, we discussed the reasons and although she says she supports me in that, she has to complete a green form called something like 'concern & vulnerable adult' so that everyone who's in contact with me knows I need extra care.
I objected to this form because the reasons behind my request are genuinely not an impact on my everyday life, other than requesting an e/c, I don't need extra care, but I'm realistic enough to know that the exams during birth itself could be a major trauma for me and I very much want this wonderful experience not to be tainted with a past I had no control over. She said it was a legal requirement because of my medical history and she had no choice.
I'm now worried what implications this has! I'm just a normal person, with a normal career, husband, house and life who seems to now be categorised into 'something' for who knows how long.
Has anyone else had this form filled in, or know anything more about it??

Any thoughts appreciated.

angels1 Wed 24-Nov-10 11:11:08


I've filled this form in too, and I'm (I hope!) a normal person with normal job/family life etc.

For me it was given by my mw at about 16 weeks and was put in a way that it was optional for me to complete but that if I did it would allow all other medical people dealing with me during pg to be aware that I was quite anxious and I would have post natal health visitor care a little longer to check that I recover well from birth etc well. She said they wern't in any way worried about that I'd be a bad mum or that it was a social services issue (I know there's a scary bit on the form about social services).

I filled it in as I have a history of depression and anxiety issues, although all are in the past. I am a worrier by nature and pg has made me incredibly anxious and I've found everything very hard to deal with (probably exhascabated (can't spell) by the fact I haven't had a nice pg in terms of feeling terrible/nausea/exhaustion etc etcand ahve been signed off pretty much my whole pg). I took upon the form as a good thing as they will keep an eye on me and hopefully (well, this is the slant I'm taking) when in hospital when giving birth they'll know how anxious I am about everything and I'll get extra special/nice care.

I hope this helps and I would be interested if anyone else has any comments on this as you're the only other person I think I know of aside from me who has filled in this form!

sh77 Wed 24-Nov-10 11:25:05

Interesting. I am on my 4th preg following the death of my baby after birth and 2 miscarriages. I am, understandably, worried. I have been assigned to the high risk obstetric team and my midwife never mentioned any such form. She did refer me to perinatal mental health services for emotional support and they have been wonderful.

However, I probably would object to signing any form as I am not sure what the implications would be for after the baby is born.

mrsbettyb Wed 24-Nov-10 11:28:32

Thanks for the info, it's good to know what you saw on it because it's the social services bit that's worrying me. You hear horror stories on the news.
She didnt give me the form to fill in and I didnt get to read anything on it, but this is probably because when she was explaining about it I said I didnt want it filled in. When I see her again maybe I'll ask her if I can read through it.

angels1 Wed 24-Nov-10 11:43:17

mrsbettyb I had to sign it to say I gave my consent - so not sure how she could do it without your signature on it (maybe she'll bring it up again next time).

The social services thing completely freaked me out - DH and I come from a stable background and you'd never know I was having such anxiety issues if you met me IYKWIM - I'm not mental!! I'm also a teacher who is quite sucessful at what I do and (well, pre preg before I got hit with pg rubbishness) lead a completely normal life. There's no indication I'm going to start beating up my children or anything terrible to warrant social services! shock. I think that's just part of the form for some people who it's relevant to (maybe if someone had a mental disorder where they would have to keep an eye on mother post birth to see how she and baby were doing). I think for me they just worry about me being too anxious about everything and potential PND. I was told social services would not in any way be involved in my case (well, unless something happens where they would be concerned enough to contact them, which in my case I know they won't). And, even if they were, although it'd probably upset and bother me that they were keeping an eye on me, I'd rather that than somewhere out there they don't be so careful and other people get away with things they shouldn't because they arn't checking/following up on things. I know that if social services did visit (which I'm certain they won't in any case) they will see what I'm like and know that there's no bother for them to interject in any way. But that;s not really a consideration for me as I was told by mw not to worry about that section in my case.

sh77 Wed 24-Nov-10 11:49:59

Gosh a little worrying reading about social services.

You should NOT be signing/filling anything in without being guided through the form or reading through the form and agreeing to its contents.

Also, I would ask her to provide you with information about it being a legal requirement. I don't know what your history is, however, if you are vulnerable, she has an extra duty of care to give you information about this.

Sorry - I don't want to sound alarmist. Just surprised at this.

angels1 Wed 24-Nov-10 11:57:50

ohh, you've made me worry about it now and I was fine about it before confused.

mrsbettyb Wed 24-Nov-10 12:05:13

Just to fill in a gap, she didnt complete it in front of me but said she'd do it later, and she did ask me to sign it and I refused because I dont agree that it's necessary although now reading the reason you other ladies have given as to why it was filled in I do feel reassured. She was lovely, but with this I think she missed out the explanation that you've been given.

angels1 Wed 24-Nov-10 12:27:08

mrsbetty I filled it out with her and signed it there and then. I think I left a couple of bits blank for her to do a I wasn't sure what to put (maybe I'm too trusting but I do trust her not to write something like 'angels1 is a husband beating criminal who shouldn't have children' shock grin.) Maybe ask her about it again next time - I think filling it in before signing it is the best thing to do - would she maybe let you take it home first so you can really read and take it in before signing?

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