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happy due day to meeeee! anyone else due today?

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raspberrysanmurraspberrys Tue 23-Nov-10 17:58:18

just wanted to see if anyone else is due today??? no sign of my lil one but glad i know the end is close...ish

lainey1981 Tue 23-Nov-10 18:32:45

2 days overdue here - the waiting is hard isn't it?

lexxity Tue 23-Nov-10 21:22:23

Oh my due date too! Wish he'd hurry up and arrive! I wanted to cry earlier on, all the pretty party dresses for sale, I want one! That's what I'm going to treat myself too. Just something normal and not maternity.

lainey1981 Thu 25-Nov-10 16:17:57

rasperry / lexxity any news? 40+4 now sad

sh77 Thu 25-Nov-10 16:19:46

How exciting. Wish I was in your shoes - another 14 weeks for me.

How are you spending the day?
All the best.

lainey1981 Thu 25-Nov-10 16:45:17

hi sh77 i know it is exciting but so hard too - all this anticipation and waiting.
have been baking - made some tea cakes which are calling me from the kitchen, but trying to resist.
and am shock to realise have spent half the day on mumsnet lol
going out for a walk with DP when he gets home from work to try and get this baby moving

I've been on other threads with you and remember your history, 14 weeks must seem like forever right now - good luck really hope all goes well for you,
probably see you on another thread smile


CocoPopsAddict Thu 25-Nov-10 18:07:57

My due date too! Hurry up, baby!

pinkyp Thu 25-Nov-10 19:20:09

My due date today!

lexxity Mon 29-Nov-10 17:22:39

40+6 and still here. Had a show, but I know that can mean nothing imminent.

spaceangel1382 Sat 04-Dec-10 19:39:46

was my due date too and still no sign, everyone else I know who was pregnant at same time as me has had their little un's {all 9 of the lucky cows lol} and im still waiting. On raspberry leaf tablets, pineapple and a birthing ball, along with cleaning house and nothing. the thought of sex right now is the last thing in the world I want to its jujst a waiting game. sweep on monday if mw can get through the snow

izpie Sat 04-Dec-10 19:45:54

40+7 here, had a sweep today but had more twinges and braxtons before than after - is it possible for a sweep to push the baby further up rather than encourage it out grin?

Induction on Tuesday so dancing and bouncing like a mad woman until then.

EmmieA Sun 05-Dec-10 09:52:00

It was mine too and no sign, hitting the curry, pineapple, baths, birthing ball and "the other" - desperate times! Come on baby!!

DuelingFanjo Sun 05-Dec-10 09:54:30

I'm due on the 11th but seriously hoping the baby is very late. I'm not going to be doing anything to try and get the baby out grin

spaceangel1382 Tue 07-Dec-10 10:25:49

now 8 days over, mw could not preform sweep {not that she did not try} coming back tomorrow for 2nd try and to discuss induction.

raspberrysanmurraspberrys Wed 08-Dec-10 11:55:45

hey all thought id update, went into hossie at 40 plus 4 with reduced fetal movement,they said the babies heartbeat was slightly tacicardic so they booked me in for an induction the next day, 22 hours of labour later and we have a gorgeous baby girl

sh77 Wed 08-Dec-10 11:59:26

Awww many many congratulations!

Anyone heard from lainey?

spaceangel1382 Sat 11-Dec-10 12:40:02

10 days late but my little girl eventually emerged {with little help} after 27 hours labour,Nieve is doing well and mum is slowly healing

Wallace Sat 11-Dec-10 13:01:16


23rd nov was my due date too - my ds3 was born 18th nov

lainy had hers 29th Nov

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