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Do you have quiet bump days?

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Applemuncher Tue 23-Nov-10 16:10:14

I'm 23 weeks and I've had a lot of movement over the last few days, I just noticed yesterday and today that my little man seems quiet in there and I've only felt a couple of really minor movements (could have even been wind) - is this something that anyone else has experienced?

Just looking to put my mind at ease really hmm

MotherJack Tue 23-Nov-10 16:20:30

Mine varied hugely. It was a while ago now (6 years!) but I remember some days he did his acrobatics, others none. I fell once and he stopped moving totally.... or so I thought. I had an emergency scan and he'd just turned over and was merrily kicking away in the scan - I just couldn't feel it any more.

If you get really worried though, please speak to your midwife. Worry will do you no good whatsoever smile

slimyak Tue 23-Nov-10 16:20:41

Yes. I'm 30/31 weeks and some days she's none stop - at which point I tell her she needs a good rest, we can't be up at all hours! And some days she's very sleepy. At 23 weeks it also depends on the position. He could be kicking away at the placenta and you wouldn't feel it.

As long as you're still feeling something that's good. Always ring you're midwife if you're concerned though.

diyqueen Tue 23-Nov-10 16:45:45

I'm 23 weeks too and experiencing exactly the same thing - I think it's to do with the position the baby's in and what they're kicking (my placenta's at the front so cushioning a lot of the kicks I think). Some days I feel quite a lot of movement and others not much at all.

geekygiraffe Tue 23-Nov-10 17:43:57

I'm 29 weeks and have the same thing - either big boots or nothing... Much prefer the kicky days.

Applemuncher Tue 23-Nov-10 17:57:56

Thanks guys, I feel a bit better about it. I find that I'm focussing on it that much at the moment I'm starting to think that even the lighter kicks are only wind. Will be happier once he puts the boot in once again. smile

Humps Wed 24-Nov-10 15:42:37

I'm 34 weeks and the same....some days never stops and others much quieter.

My midwife recommended drinking a glass of ice cold water to spur on some movement - certainly seems to work for me!

JeelyPiece Wed 24-Nov-10 15:50:05

Am 23+5 and the same, some quiet days some busy days. Today is a busy day so I'm happy!

If I don't think I've felt much I have a drink then lie on my side for a while, usually feel something then. I think that when my IBS is bad things are swollen down there and I don't feel it so much, so maybe if you're bloated sometimes that could affect how much of the movement you're feeling, as well as whether the baby is facing out or in - you'd feel more when it's facing out I'd have thought.

Would still say that it's best to phone your midwife or mat triage if you haven't felt anything all day and drinks/lying down/passing wind to make a bit more space grin don't do the trick, just to put your mind at rest.

sh77 Wed 24-Nov-10 15:55:10

Am 23+3 (a few of here due in the same week!). My baby has quiet days and today, he also is busy!

It used to worry me a lot but I realised he perks up a lot when I eat clementines or when I lie on my back.

Had a scan yesterday and the consultant literally had to shock him into movement by pressing hard with the scanner or doing a quick poke. I felt bad as I saw him on the screen jump from the shock.

I think after 28 weeks, they take lack of movements seriously.

Unexpectedbump Wed 24-Nov-10 16:08:39

That's spooky, I was actually googling this today as things seemed eerily quiet today with the wee one!

However, as I am typing this sentence I am on the receiving end of some well aimed kicks. Am also 23+5.

SGJ Wed 24-Nov-10 17:22:50

Hi Apple,

I'm 40 weeks today and trawling Mumsnet to keep me distracted from not yet having a baby!!
Saw your post and wated to reassure you - I remember having exactly the same concerns at 23 weeks and spoke to my sister (who's a midwife) and she was totally unconcerned.
She said that you just sometimes get 'quiet days', but that if I was really concerned that I should take a few minutes to sit calmly with a glass of ice water (or ice cream - any excuse!) and wait for it to wake up!

I also found that sometimes I'd be moving about so much, or so busy at work that I'd lulled it to sleep, and other times I'd catch myself thinking 'oh, it hasn't moved much today', only to get a quick wriggle as if to say 'don't worry so much Mum!'

I know it's hard to keep sane when you start worrying about something like this, but do take advantage of your midwife who will be able to reassure you and will always get the doppler out if you're really worried. Don't be worried about asking because you think they'll say you're overreacting - it won't be the first time they've had that phone call!

Hope you're getting a few more wriggles now xx

cloggs142 Wed 24-Nov-10 17:25:40

Am 23 weeks and had this issue last week.....i was so worried that i went for a check with my gp just so i could hear his heart beat. Apparently its completely normal for baby to have quiet days.....but it still worries me regardless of what people say.

find that lying on my back usually spurs him into moving around a bit, or popping some music on has also done the trick too.

rubybambini Wed 24-Nov-10 17:42:16

Hello - me too. I'm 20+6, and some days lots, others less so.

At work during the day, I rarely feel a thing, I'm too distracted.

It also depends what I'm wearing - I find that some pairs of maternity jeans mean that I feel everything - it's the slight pressure of the band I think.

Also, drinking or eating something sugary / cold seems to cause movements!

As others have said, call your midwife if you're worried =)

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