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how tired are / were you at 39 weeks?

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OnlyWantsOne Tue 23-Nov-10 10:18:38

Im exhausted. Physically hurt. I need to go to bed... DD is 4 and sleeps through the night, I get about 7 - 9 hrs sleep a night but I actually feel sick Im that tired.

Is this normal?

notnowbernard Tue 23-Nov-10 10:22:07

It was for me with DC3

In fact, my overriding feeling when he was born (following the initial elation of coursewink) was THANK FUCK i am not pregnat anymore

The tiredness of pregnancy was FAR more debilitating than any newborn-induced sleep deprivation

Not long for you now, though smile

MummyBerryJuice Tue 23-Nov-10 10:25:37

I was ok at 38 week 4 but the next day was completely wiped out. Couldn't get of the sofa all day. I went into labour the following day (at 38w6). So... I guess I'm saying your baby may be on the way! Yay!

OnlyWantsOne Tue 23-Nov-10 10:38:36

the house is mess

I have 4 loads of washing to do / dry / put away

All the beds need making up as I stripped them all this morning.

Both bathrooms stink of cleaning products burning the grime off

am I nesting?

MummyBerryJuice Tue 23-Nov-10 10:42:55

Sounds like you are. grin

Not long now, I'd think.

OnlyWantsOne Tue 23-Nov-10 10:47:34

too tired to be in labour

Bonsoir Tue 23-Nov-10 10:48:58

I was shattered in the last bit of pregnancy - I slept for four hours straight every afternoon.

slimyak Tue 23-Nov-10 10:59:36

I'm already knackered at 31 weeks this time. I think it's the lack of lie ins in my life that I took full advantage of when pregnant with DD1.

Becaue of a few health issues I'm off on Maternity Leave at the end of next week when I just be 33 weeks and plan to do something really useful like sleep for 2.5hours in the afternoon when DD is at school nursery.

I was heavily pregnant in summer last time and I do think the cold and dark makes it harder.

naomiclarke1987 Tue 23-Nov-10 12:08:13

yeah, i'm 39 weeks now and i am constantly exhausted. My whole body just aches - especially my back and my knees - i think they are just crumbleing under the excess weight!

As much as i can't wait for baby to be here, i seriously can not wait to get my body back to some kind of normality!

Hopefully it will be any day now for us x

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