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Sudden really bad dizziness...

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Wobblewatcher Tue 23-Nov-10 07:45:55

I'm about 9 weeks pregnant with DC2. woke up this morning to go to loo and had the most awful dizzy spell and I fell into the kitchen unit. Back in bed they were still going on. Well I'm up now and they are constant, making me feel very unwell.

Is this normal or a sign of something horrible? DP is self employed. Ut have just phoned him to warn him that he may have to come home as don't know if I'm safe to be looking after DD.

Will be phoning midwives in a bit but thought you lot would probably be helpful.

mousesma Tue 23-Nov-10 07:51:07

Dizzyness and fainting are quite common early pregnancy sypmtoms and could be caused by low blood sugar or anaemia. Have you eaten anthing yet this morning?

Make sure you do phone your midwife to rule out any other causes though.

Wobblewatcher Tue 23-Nov-10 07:53:36

No I haven't eaten yet, wouldn't normally have as yet and have been eating through this pregnancy like a horse. My BP when they took it was 110 over 60 but is usually 120 over 80. Will try to have something to eat and see if it helps but generally feeling quite under the weather suddenly.

mousesma Tue 23-Nov-10 07:57:01

Maybe ask your midwife for a blood test then (if you haven't had one already) to rule out anaemia.

Also it is possible that it isn't pregnancy related at all. Theres a lot of bugs around this time of year that would give you the same symptoms. Hope you feel better soon.

Wobblewatcher Tue 23-Nov-10 08:12:51

I had a blood test at booking in app.

Just bought my breakfast back up very violently shock

jellyhead188 Tue 23-Nov-10 08:56:01

Hi I had this about 9 weeks too - it did pass, I was really dizzy and disorientated for a few hours. I still have it but it comes and goes nows, I have low blood pressure in pregnancy and if I don't eat properly I get very light headed, on Sunday I had to make myself a cup of tea and eat some biscuits in the middle of our church service because I thought I was gonna keel over!

You have my sympathies its horrid. xx

Wobblewatcher Tue 23-Nov-10 10:45:30

Have been very very sick. Midwife says it's probably a bug. Hope baby will be ok...

ShuffleBallChange Tue 23-Nov-10 11:20:30

Hi Wobble, had this too at early stages, during and after bad bout of Hyperemisis. Low Blood pressure was the cause, now suffering LBP again at 35 weeks. Try to put feet up when you can and get up from sitting/lying down slowly (easier said than done!). If it is just a bug you should be feeling bright and sparkly (!) again in a couple of days smile

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