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Help! - should I be worried?!

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Rhubarb Thu 21-Aug-03 17:25:34

For ages now, the baby feels like it is lying very, very low. Sometimes I get a dull, heavy sensation right down there as if it's weighing heavily on my perineum. Last weekend we had sex for the first time in ages, it didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable. Afterwards I got that very heavy, dull sensation down there and I had to keep sitting down. If I stood up or moved around it felt as though the baby would drop out, I almost wanted to reach down and push it back up again! But a bit more worryingly, I had put a panty-liner on and within an hour it was soaked. I didn't know if it was water or not. Since then I've had minor leakage of water-like stuff, and just recently the discharge is also a bit pinkish. The baby still feels very low down and uncomfortable.

I have phoned the midwives as I thought I'd better get it sorted before I go away (Scotland next week). They have told me to go in straight away, so I'm waiting for dh to come home. Should I be worried or are they just over-reacting? I'm 24 weeks today.

SamboM Thu 21-Aug-03 17:26:58

I have no idea Rhubarb but just wanted to say good luck and hope it is all ok ((()))

musica Thu 21-Aug-03 17:31:15

Like SamboM, can't help with facts, but I hope this is all ok, and I'll be thinking of you. x

fio2 Thu 21-Aug-03 17:33:08

I remember feeling as if the baby was going to drop out at around this time with both of mine, my midwife told me this normal at this stage. Mine always lay low so to speak. As for the water I dont know (could it be wee if the baby is low maybe pressing on your bladder) Hope everything is ok Rhubarb, hugs.

Rhubarb Thu 21-Aug-03 17:33:48

Thanks. Dh will be here soon so I'll have to go, I'll let you know what happens. I must admit, I'm not looking forward to the examination bit! Why oh why do we have to go through all this??? Tell me again how worth it all this will be!

ThomCat Thu 21-Aug-03 17:35:24

it'll be worth it!
Good luck and let us know how you get on.
lots of love.

Grommit Thu 21-Aug-03 19:00:46

Rhubarb - hope everything goes OK - keep us updated.

codswallop Thu 21-Aug-03 19:13:14

r - if you are anything like me then you will bond more with each sucessive baby.
just wait - all those cute little outfits.

Batters Thu 21-Aug-03 19:26:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Thu 21-Aug-03 19:35:35

You know it's worth it...

Good luck, Rhubarb.

bunnyrabbit Thu 21-Aug-03 19:39:34

Rhubarb, it'll be worth it... keep smiling and thinking happy bunny thoughts. Let us know how you get on.


Angiel Thu 21-Aug-03 20:52:22

Sorry you're going through this Rhubarb. Good luck, hope everything goes ok.

janh Thu 21-Aug-03 21:16:52

Oh, love, you don't need this on top of everything else, do you? Fingers crossed and hugs for you. ((()))

JanHR Thu 21-Aug-03 21:49:06

I have just read this. Hope everything is OK. Lets us know what the hospital say.{{{{{}}}}}

aloha Thu 21-Aug-03 21:56:52

Good luck Rhubarb. I'll be thinking of you. My pink discharge meant placenta praevia so no more sex...! I'm sure there are other explanations.

Let us know the result, please.


Ghosty Thu 21-Aug-03 22:12:23

Good luck Rhubarb ... thinking of you ... let us know how you are ... xxx

sb34 Fri 22-Aug-03 00:36:02

Message withdrawn

ks Fri 22-Aug-03 07:44:52

Message withdrawn

naughtynoonoo Fri 22-Aug-03 08:39:16

Rhubarb, hope everything is ok

StripyMouse Fri 22-Aug-03 08:59:23

rhubarb - hope everything is ok - please let us know how you are getting on.

Enid Fri 22-Aug-03 09:00:53

rhubarb, hope everything is OK, sorry you are going through so much at the moment X E

Jemma7 Fri 22-Aug-03 10:07:20

Rhubarb - Hope all is well!
Post if you get chance and let us know how everythign is.
Does anyone know how far gone Rhubarb is? - i know i have read it on another thread but cannot remember.

tigermoth Fri 22-Aug-03 10:07:26

rhubarb, that sensation you describe sounds similar to what I felt with my second baby around that time. I went on to have a normal delivery and a healty baby nearly 2 weeks overdue. In some ways I felt different in my second pregnancy throughout. I wondered if it was because my 'inner geography' was slightly different after having one baby. Also, I was more aware how contractions/labour felt, having been through it already, so sensations in my second pregnancy got related back to my first one and I suspeced I was near to going into labour several times towards the end of my second trimester.

I do really hope that any concerns that your midwife has are unfounded and hope you can post an update here soon.

jodee Fri 22-Aug-03 11:52:43

Rhubarb, I do hope all is OK for you. XXX

Jemma, Rhubarb is 24 weeks.

Rhubarb Fri 22-Aug-03 13:50:59

Hi everyone. Well it was a bit of a nightmare. We got to the hospital for 7pm and I didn't get seen until 11pm! The whole of Preston suddenly decided to give birth - how inconsiderate of them! I sent dh and dd home at 9pm so I was on my own, which actually helps as I didn't have to get stressed worrying about them, if you know what I mean. And there were two women in labour who were screamers - not very nice!

Anyway, I was examined at 11pm, they decided that my water's hadn't broken but were a bit concerned about the discharge. What did you say you had Aloha? I could possibly have that, whatever it is! They wanted to scan me today but couldn't fit me in, and I go away on Monday so it will have to wait. They took a swab and everything, the results of which I have to phone for next week. But the baby is in the right position, so whatever is pressing down on my perineum, it's not the baby - low-lying placenta? Bladder falling out? I guess that's why they want the scan done. But I'm not cancelling my holiday again! I don't plan to have sex again - ever! So I should be safe enough.

Thanks for your concern. Sorry I couldn't post sooner but I didn't get back until late and we went swimming this morning. I'm just thankful that they didn't keep me in overnight and nothing serious is wrong. Have I told you how much I hate being pregnant???

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