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Infection after miscarriage

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ArchieandElliot Mon 22-Nov-10 15:40:55

I lost my second baby three weeks ago. The doctor took a swab to check for infection when I went in with heavy bleeding four days after it happened. It took a lot of "can you please find out the results please" before they said I did have an infection and they gave me 7 days antibiotics but how do I know if it worked or not? The only thing that made me wonder if there was something wrong in the first place was that I felt really swollen and sore down there but it's no wonder when you've just lost a baby.
My DH and I want to start trying again but are worried I've not got rid of the infection yet. I called the hospital to ask them and was told they were too busy to talk to me and would call back by 11.30, its now 3.30 so I don't think that's happening. I've been trying to get an appointment with my GP but the receptionist wouldn't let me! She said I had to ring the hospital because they gave me the antibiotics. I tried calling again today but after three hours of the phone just ringing and ringing I had to admit defeat.
It's not just that we want to try again but I've been pregnant twice this year and because of my bleeding in both pregnancies our midwife had us on a sex ban. We need the closeness, now more than ever. Am I worrying about nothing?

japhrimel Mon 22-Nov-10 17:06:58

I'd see your GP. They can easily do a swab and order blood tests to check for infection and as you aren't getting anywhere with the hospital, I'd just see your GP TBH.

In the meantime, how about sex with condoms?

If you've stopped bleeding, don't have unpleasant discharge or pain and don't feel ill, you're probably okay though.

Sparklies Mon 22-Nov-10 17:45:34

When I had an infection, the first lot of IV antibiotics (I went back into hospital for 3 nights) appeared to clear it up. But every 8 days for the next month I'd get a fever again and feel like crap. It wasn't until a GP gave me some amoxicillin that it nailed it on the head.

If you feel otherwise alright and have done for a while, chances are good you are fine!

ArchieandElliot Mon 22-Nov-10 18:42:43

I feel very swollen, mainly when I've been for a pee. My DH is really worried he'll hurt me. I think we're both nervous because it feels like I've been bleeding all flipping year.

The hospital called at 6.15! Not quite 11.30 but never mind. She wants me in for bloods in the morning and said not to bother with my GP but I want to be sure and I know she won't mind, she's been the only one I can count on.

I haven't really eaten for the past two weeks but my appetite was back with a vengeance today so something's happened in there.

ArchieandElliot Thu 25-Nov-10 22:46:15

still bleeding. I keep thinking I'm about to come on and go from brown blood to fresh but then it just goes back to brown again. It's been four weeks now. Finally got a GP appointment. Hope she can help.
I really thought my body would recover quickly from this miscarriage but its a lot worse than with my 21 week.

ArchieandElliot Fri 03-Dec-10 09:21:35

Anyone there?
Still getting bits of fibrous grey tissue coming out. Feel sick and dizzy all the time and still no answers. I've been calling for my swab results for two days, they are in the surgery but a doctor hasn't got round to looking at them yet!
It's been five weeks since I miscarried. The first time I had stopped bleeding completely then had my period by now and was trying again. There isn't an end in sight this time and already the fear I had that leaving it too long to try again would make me too scared is coming true. I am desperate to be pregnant but now I'm so scared of it going wrong for the third time I don't know if I can do it.

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