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monitoring instead of induction - what is done? ctg? scan?

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littleElif Mon 22-Nov-10 08:56:37


11 days overdue now and no sign that baby want leave its cave.

was induced with DC1 (12 days late) and did not like it; hence would like to avoid it. MW said they could offer monitoring as an alternative to induction and give a a week more to go into labour myself. will see MW today to discuss all options.

just wondered what kind of monitoring your hospitals offer? MW mentioned ctg but I wondered if I also could expect a scan to check placenta and fluid levels...


MoreTrampThanVamp Mon 22-Nov-10 09:08:28

My DS (DC2) was 19 days late when he was born. I held out and declined induction (hoped for another homebirth), instead going for monitoring, but eventually did agree to be induced.

The hospital wanted me to go in daily for CTG traces but transport was an issue so I went every other day instead. I was also offered a scan at 42 weeks to check fluid levels and placenta.

That was it really. My community midwife also did home visits every few days and tried to do a sweep which didn't work. After 42 weeks however the 'policy' (I actually think they made it up as they went along because they all said they'd hardly ever known anyone refuse induction at 42 weeks) was to transfer me to consultant led care so the CMs washed their hands of me.

littleElif Mon 22-Nov-10 09:19:14

thanks - I hope they offer a scan as well and I actually would welcome daily monitoring (but I think they mentioned they would only do it every other day). will see what MW says...

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