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stinking cold

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older1sttimer Mon 22-Nov-10 08:44:20

22 weks and got a stinking cold: runny nose, excessive sneezing and loads of coughing. Any ideas of what i can take, if anything.

I'm sure all this sneezing and coughing can't be good for baby. confused

GoodbyePinotGrigio Mon 22-Nov-10 09:37:12

Hi, I'm 19 weeks, old and a first-timer too !! I'm just getting over nearly 2 weeks of similar symptoms to you. I ended up with it going down to my chest, which has kept me awake most nights with the coughing. Went to see 2 different pharmacists, who could only recommend gargling (then swallowing) paracetomol. This will briefly numb the throat.

I found if I physically exerted myself it made the symptoms a lot worse. So I can advise the gargling, lots of rest, Breathe Easy nasal strips (I got mine from sainsburys, but most chemists will sell them) and Baileys fudge, it soothes the throat !

Get well soon !

incyspider Mon 22-Nov-10 10:20:49

Boots do a cough medcine you can take whilst pregnant. I got the Glycerin Honey and Lemon linctus but it also comes in blackcurrent.
That combined with the odd paracetomol helped me.

Get well soon.

saucetastic Mon 22-Nov-10 10:37:35

I'm 37 weeks and on the tail end of a cough/cold that went up to my sinuses and got infected - now i can't hear in one ear - i'm assuming it's temporary. confused
Things that made me feel a little better: paracetomol, lemon and honey hot drinks, lots of vitamin c and zinc on top of the ante natal vits, resting as much as possible with a toddler, menthol lemon and honey sweets, olbas oil on tissues, vicks vaporub, and now antibiotics. Cut oranges. Lots of liquids! And homemade butternut pumpkin soup with lots of ginger and garlic. And homemade chicken soup too.
It's no fun. But don't worry about the coughing and sneezing affecting the baby - it won't affect at all. Take it easy.

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