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24 hour urine sample, how much is normal!

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Mammie81 Sun 21-Nov-10 17:04:39

Ive been asked to do a 24 hour sample and been given a bottle to do it in.

My mum is insistant I'll fill it hmm, enough to make the midwife give me TWO bottles! Each one is 2 litres!

So far Ive been doing my test since 9am this morning (had to wait to start due to the lab being shut over the weekend) and theres not much in the bottle at all! So how much is 'normal'? Is it possible to fill a 2 litre bottle in one day or is my mother actually crazy (which I suspect is the answer wink)?!

whomovedmychocolate Sun 21-Nov-10 17:05:58

I produced 7 litres over 24 hours. About 3 litres is normal though.

If you have pre-eclampsia this is one of the definitive tests.

And yes you will produce a lot more than you think - your mum is right.

MummyBerryJuice Sun 21-Nov-10 17:16:02

Don't worry too much about the volume you produce, just make sure you complete a full 24hrs. (it is definitely prudent to have more than one bottle available though; you'll be surprised how much you wee!)

Appletrees Sun 21-Nov-10 17:24:41

Seriously it's loads. I had no idea. Buckets ful.

Mammie81 Sun 21-Nov-10 17:27:16

Wow! DP and I have been laughing about it all weekend and it seems shes right!

Ok, better get on the fluids then, I guess! smile

whomovedmychocolate Sun 21-Nov-10 19:00:27

It gets to be a bit much when they have to send for a porter to bring a trolley with your wee on it blush but yes get a full 24 hours. And just so you know, once they measure it all and test it with dipsticks, they pour it all down the drain and there is a guy in the path lab who will be doing that all morning with various people's wee - what a fab job hmm grin

Mammie81 Mon 22-Nov-10 08:40:33

I actually know the poor guy in the lab tasked with this job - hes ones of DP's best friends... Lovely!

I produced 3 pints blush

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