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VAT on prams and baby equipment?

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CaringForPod Sat 20-Nov-10 08:05:00


Just a quickie - does anyone know if you pay VAT on prams and all other baby equipment? I know baby clothes are exempt, but wondering whether to buy any of the bigger items before the VAT rise in the New Year (I'm due end of April).


onlygirl Sat 20-Nov-10 08:39:22

On the mamas and papas website it does say buy now before the VAT increase. I bouught the big stuff last weekend not due til march and the stuff won't be delivered until feb. smile

CaringForPod Sat 20-Nov-10 08:44:10

Thanks for that, I assume that means prices will be going up. Looks like we'll be doing some Christmas shopping for the unborn one!

saffy85 Sat 20-Nov-10 08:46:19

You might find they decide to "hold the VAT on selected lines". Many shops did this when the VAT went back up to 17.5%. That was mainly furniture and televisions though. Mind you, quite a few prams cost more than a sofa so you never know.

onimolap Sat 20-Nov-10 08:48:36

There's a full list of exempt or reduced VAT goods and services on the HMRC website here.

CaringForPod Sat 20-Nov-10 08:49:27

That's really useful, thanks onimolap

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