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Probably nothing to worry about but....

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megcleary Fri 19-Nov-10 19:36:55

I am 28 weeks pregnant with baby no. 2 today my bump has changed shaped and baby appears to have dropped. I realise there is little I can do ie can't move it back up! Still feeling kicks but more "muffled" than yesterday or I suppose in a different place. Is this too early for it to have dropped?

BertieBasset Fri 19-Nov-10 19:38:41

Maybe baby has moved around? If s/he had dropped you'd be feeling it in your pelvis I would think?

Could be that s/he is facing inwards and kicking towards your back.

ThatllDoPig Fri 19-Nov-10 19:40:50

Try not to worry. I'm 27 weeks and bump seems to change on daily basis. Today really high up.
I think it is different the second time, everything is already pre-stretched and there seems to be more movement and more space (for now!).
Just a thought, could it be sheer gravity? Been on your feet a lot today?

lucy101 Fri 19-Nov-10 19:41:16

Might not have dropped but might have just turned from breech. It is probably a good thing. I am 28 weeks and my baby seems to have been breech all the time (I have had to have lots of scans)... my midwife mentioned that CS might be on the cards if things don't change...

ICouldHaveWrittenThis Fri 19-Nov-10 19:43:41

agree with Lucy - it sounds like s/he has turned round. Are you getting kicked in the ribs yet?

megcleary Fri 19-Nov-10 19:50:56

Thanks for the replies, no kicks in the ribs yet may just be the second time round difference and a big turn.

CrazyPlateLady Fri 19-Nov-10 20:11:49

I am 28 weeks to and I am carrying very very low. Baby has been banging into my cervix for weeks, its horrible. At my 20 week scan he said she is head down and knows the way out. Would let anyone feel her kick as their hands would be a bit too low for my liking!

MissCKitty Fri 19-Nov-10 22:27:11

I've carried baby really low right up until the last week or so weeks. Her head was buried in my pelvis and getting a clear scan has been nigh on impossible. Now am 30 wks and she bounces about all the time and my bump changes shape on an hourly basis grin

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