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Concerned about horrible midwife turning up when I'm in labour

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stillfrazzled Thu 18-Nov-10 14:45:41

Am 29 weeks with DC2. Was lucky enough to have fab community midwives for DS1, one even came into the hospital to deliver him. Couldn't have been happier.

However, friends locally have encountered a very different midwife, who appears to be a complete cow and has made at least a couple of them cry. I saw her for one of my antenatal classes, and found her to be (a) extremely unsympathetic and (b) very inaccurate on answering some questions (checked afterwards).

She is openly scornful of any form of pain relief, and has told one friend that she'll do everything she can to prevent her having an epidural if she happens to be on duty when friend comes in to have baby.

I am VERY definite about wanting an epidural, or at least wanting it to be entirely my choice. After a lovely birth first time round where I felt very cared for, I hate hate hate the idea of having to go through it with this cow in charge. Wouldn't trust her to phone anaesthetist if I asked her, for example.

My hospital no longer calls your midwife in when you're in labour, and I don't know if I'm in a position to refuse one particular MW. Could I do that?

happycamel Thu 18-Nov-10 15:01:24

As far as I know you can "discharge" a midwife, basically refuse to be seen by her. However, if she's the only one available that might be easier said than done.

Could you write to the supervisor of midwives at your hospital detailing your concerns and stating that you don't want to be cared for by her. Maybe your friend could do that too. Only if the supervisor of midwives knows there is a problem/training need can she tackle it.

The Trust may then, as an employer, deal with concerns about her clinical practice. Without evidence and only rumours there's not much they can do even if they know she's not generally liked.

BTW, I'm no expert on this but my mum was a senior NHS manager of midwives, then health visitors (having practiced as both) before she retired last year.

japhrimel Thu 18-Nov-10 15:22:35

Talk to your CMW first, but you can write to the Supervisor of Midwives and say that that MW is not to be assigned to you during labour.

I asked my MW about doing that re a MW I've seen at antenatal clinic and she said don't worry, she doesn't do labours (too senior or something!) so I haven't written to the SoM.

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