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Telling DC about new baby

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oh4goodnesssake Thu 18-Nov-10 09:09:55

Due to have my 12 week scan tomorrow and then, depending on how it goes, breaking the news to DDs 6 and 8yrs. VERY worried about how they will take it as I have tried testing the water and they don't seem keen on a new brother or sister AT ALL. My youngest loves being the baby of the family and so I'm not even going to mention the word "baby" in case she feels put out - any other advice on how to sell the idea? I know that they will basically have to lump it and I don't want to give the impression that they are spoilt as they are not at all but I just wondered if anyone had any ideas on how to make them feel positive about it all rather than having to just get used to it.

sam26oscar Thu 18-Nov-10 09:19:01

Hi, I have DS who is an only child and is 6yrs old, i was extremley lucky in that he was desperate for a sibling!!! However, i worried also that he would be upset at not being the only child but too my delight he (at the moment!!) is wonderfully caring and loves talking to his brother/sister and stroking my tummy. So you may be surprised and find they will be ok with it. By the way didn't tell DS until 20 week scan as thought it was along time for him and couldn't be doing with the constant is it here yet!!!!! Although maybe if you think your DC will not be best pleased then plenty of notice maybe good wink hope all goes well.xx

oh4goodnesssake Thu 18-Nov-10 09:31:48

Thanks sam26oscar, I would obviously like to leave telling them as long as possible in case something goes wrong but I am pretty huge already and want them to be the first rather than the last to know. I'm glad that your DS is so pleased and I hope that you have an easy pregnancy x

mamacorner Thu 18-Nov-10 11:53:05

I'm pregnant with my third, and have a 10 and 11 year old.
I was also dreading telling them, my 11 year old DD had been very definite that she was very happy with our family as it was, I think she feared how it might change things for her, ( that egocentric child thing). However after her comment about me getting "tubby" at around 14 weeks and also wanting to tell them before anyone else, we told them about their new little brother or sister.
After a brief wobble, her putting on a brave face, saying she was pleased and disappearing into her room for a couple of hours, she's absolutely thrilled now. Can't wait to meet her little sister.

My DS on the other hand was excited from the minute he was told, and tries to "look after" me as much as possible, (so sweet!)

I'm sure however they initially react, they will soon find it all exciting and love a new sibling.

oh4goodnesssake Thu 18-Nov-10 12:05:15

Thanks mamacorner, any advice on what to say/not to say? I'm sure that you are right, they will come round to the idea but I'm thinking that I could make it better/worse by how I break the news.

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