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how early did you feel the baby moving?

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broccolitrees Wed 17-Nov-10 18:55:44

i am way ahead of myself really as i am only 5 weeks and have such a long way to go, however, each milestone brings a degree of reassurance and once i feel the baby moving i know that i will relax a little more as i will be able to feel it being there, if that makes sense.

i have an early scan in a couple of weeks as i have a problematic history, then i will have another at 12 weeks. with my dd i felt her move at 16 weeks, which i know is pretty early for a first. do you think that might mean i will feel no.2 sooner than that?

the earliest i have ever heard of someone feeling the baby move is 14 weeks. what is the general mn experience??

TooImmature2BMum Wed 17-Nov-10 20:07:01

I felt mine at about 19 weeks, but she's my first. It sort of gradually gelled into a certainty that what I was feeling was baby, not me!

TheBigZing Wed 17-Nov-10 20:09:31

About 19 weeks for absolute certain, but I did have the odd flutter from 16 weeks that made me wonder.

EnnisDelMar Wed 17-Nov-10 20:11:39

Baby 2 was 11 weeks so yes you might smile

bessie26 Wed 17-Nov-10 20:16:00

I'm 18wks with #2 & think I felt a flutter at the weekend.

With #1 I remember not being sure I was actually feeling the baby move until after 20weeks.

I have history too & my MW has told me I can go in to listen to the HB whenever I want grin

mousesma Wed 17-Nov-10 20:17:46

Didn't feel the baby move for certain until 20 weeks.

KirstyJC Wed 17-Nov-10 20:19:18

First one I felt at 16 weeks, same as you. The second and the third I felt an occasional kick in the bladder at 14 weeks with both, increasing to regular nudges by 18 weeks or so.

broccolitrees Wed 17-Nov-10 21:05:41

ah good news! nice one, bessie, i might just see if i can get that written into my care plan too grin

MakemineaGandT Wed 17-Nov-10 21:07:04

First one - 18 weeks
Second one - 10 weeks! Honestly

DancingThroughLife Wed 17-Nov-10 21:22:16

I felt DD moving at about 14 weeks, but it was probably a couple of weeks after that when I saw the midwife that I knew for certain that's what it was. She is my first.

whoknowswhatthefutureholds Wed 17-Nov-10 21:22:31

first one -21 weeks
second -16 weeks
third 13 weeks

ecuse Thu 18-Nov-10 10:16:04

I've just started feeling my first a week or so ago at 17+3, now can feel it every day.

edeluna Thu 18-Nov-10 16:22:45

I think I felt something around 17 weeks, but then didn't feel anything again until 19 or 20 weeks. Am 23 weeks today and now definitely recognize her daily patterns, but the movements are still quite gentle -- none of the strong kicks I was expecting. But I guess they'll come as she gets bigger.

MaryMungo Thu 18-Nov-10 16:28:53

18 weeks
18 weeks
16 weeks
21 weeks (anterior placenta)

jojosmaman Thu 18-Nov-10 16:31:50

My first at 17 weeks and then second around 14 weeks. I guess its not that you feel them earlier on subsequent babies, its just that you recognise that familiar feeling straight away!

I love the first little flutters smile

JoEW Thu 18-Nov-10 17:15:55

I am at 18 weeks and think I've felt movements in the last couple of days. I was lying down at yoga and felt this sort of twang that then happended another three or four times. Then felt the same thing last night a couple of times. I am pretty sure it's a movement but not 100% certain. Don't feel anything when I'm in any other position than lying flat on my back.

flootshoot Thu 18-Nov-10 19:54:20

Felt both at 11 weeks. Honest!

broccolitrees Thu 18-Nov-10 20:13:07

i so hope i feel it early, even earlier than dd

BabyValentine Thu 18-Nov-10 21:06:28

I felt my first DC at 16 weeks too, and I felt this DC at 11+5 weeks (although I didn't truly believe it until I came on here and did a search!).

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