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Shiitake mushrooms in pregnancy

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lilly13 Wed 17-Nov-10 15:18:48

Ladies, does anyone know if it is okay to eat shiitake mushrooms during pregnancy? I have cooked and eated 125g grams, and then heard that these could cause contractions... There is lots of contradictory infoon the internet and I am wondering if anyone has had any negative experience with these? Sorry this sounds quite banal...

TooImmature2BMum Wed 17-Nov-10 15:20:06

No idea, but I've been eating them too! No contractions have resulted...hope someone with more knowledge will be along soon.

discobeaver Wed 17-Nov-10 15:53:11

Dunno, but I used to work in a cafe that served them on a pizza, and people regularly referred to them as 'shit-ache mushrooms'

sh77 Wed 17-Nov-10 16:22:19

Lol disco - i now see these mushrooms in a whole new light.

I imagine it would take a lot of these mushrooms to cause contractions (I am no contraction expert).

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