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Off sick with a cold/flu - when would you go back?

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diyqueen Tue 16-Nov-10 19:12:37

Have been ill since Sunday and off work today and yesterday with a bug - worse than the average cold, have been shivering, aching and feeling really grim, but starting to feel a bit better this evening though still with painful cough, sore throat and running nose. Normally I'd be trying to go back to work at the first sign of feeling better as I feel guilty about taking time off, but must admit I'm tempted to leave it until I'm properly fit this time as I'm 22 weeks pregnant and getting quite easily tired at work even when healthy (I have a busy job where I'm constantly on the go, don't have the option of sitting quietly at a desk). What would you do? Am I being a self-indulgent wuss?

tebbles Tue 16-Nov-10 20:36:44

I wouldnt go in if I were you. Stay home and for another day. I had Monday off as I had the beginnings of a cold (sore throat etc) and didnt want to mKake it worse by over doing it, espeically now that it is winter. It has now improved (only a little sore now) and didnt even turn into a cold so I'm glad that I didnt go in! Also if you go in you may spread it around your colleagues.

I am a temp though, so although I don't get sick pay I have the advantage of feeling no guilt when having sick days off.

cupcakebakerer Tue 16-Nov-10 21:48:34

Stay off! Experience has taught me that you are no better thought of rushing back to work. I worry myself silly when I'm off I'll, break my back to get back and then wish I hadn't bloody bothered! You are pregnant, sounds like you are very cosciencous, take the opportunity to put your feet up - it probably won't come round again for a while!

suzym1984 Wed 17-Nov-10 07:47:10

Definately stay off until you feel 100% better! I usually struggle to get back to work asap to try to avoid the guilt, but you have to accept that when you are pregnant your body takes longer to recover.
Also, it is easy to feel better when you are sitting at home relaxing, but you could still be too ill to work. Nothing worse than going back and then feeling terrible by dinner time. Especially if you have a job where an easy day is not an option (I am a teacher!)
Put your feet up and relax!

diyqueen Wed 17-Nov-10 08:25:20

I'm staying home today as still not properly recovered - thanks for making me feel better about it!

crochetcircle Wed 17-Nov-10 10:11:31

Hey diyqueen well done for taking the day off today. People like us (very conscientious!) often struggle back to work too soon and I've often made myself ill again by doing just that.

These days I try and follow a couple of rules to check if I really am well enough to go back in. For example, I get up at the normal working time and get ready to leave the house - shower, dry hair etc. I try doing a bit of housework (this is pretty radical for me in my house!!!) and see how I feel. I try and do a bit of my own admin at home and see if I can cope with that.

The problem when you've been really ill, is that its such a relief to feel a bit better that its easy to think you are normal again, when often you need a couple more days in bed to cement your recovery.

Rest up, and don't feel guilty! Those children will have loads of other nasty germs too so if you're not 100 per cent you might get something new.

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