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Kicks (another one)

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geekygiraffe Tue 16-Nov-10 17:40:11

I'm 28+4, and feel the baby move a few times a day, and often in the night. However, it's more of a pulsing or gentle prodding sensation - they are never uncomfortable. Am I just lucky? Keep reading of painful jabs to the ribs and wondering why I don't get them. Seeing midwife on fri so will ask...
Also, the movements are low down (where period pain used to be), although can feel uterus where it should be up top! Does this mean baby is upside down? I know it doesn't matter just yet, but am trying to work out the logistics!!

GrumpyFish Tue 16-Nov-10 17:58:55

I never really had anything resembling kicks with DS, although lots of rolling / squirming type movement. I think my movement was at the top of the bump mainly - he was head down from pretty early on.

strawberriesncream Tue 16-Nov-10 18:08:53

geekygiraffe I'm only 22 wks but mine is same - lots of little squiggly movements really low down! She was feet down when i had 20 wk scan so assume she is still in same position. i don't have midwife appt for a coujple of weeks... be interested to see what your midwife says!

WanderingSheep Tue 16-Nov-10 18:16:35

GeekyGiraffe <<waves>> I meant to say on the antenatal thread the other day - don't worry about it not hurting etc the main thing is that you are feeling movement! It often depends which way the baby is lying and where your placenta is etc to how much you actually feel. What you are feeling is completely normal. As long as you are feeling 10 individual movements a day then I really wouldn't worry!

WanderingSheep Tue 16-Nov-10 18:23:32

The 10 movements can be altogether too, I think. They don't have to be throughout the day. Eg, if you feel two kicks together that counts as two movements. Also, if you are quite busy during the day and you move around a lot you don't tend to feel their movements. When you're moving around I think it lulls them to sleep and when you're resting or asleep they tend to wake up which is why we feel them more at night.

My baby's movement often feel like vibrations rather than kicks. It feels like someone is farting in my tummy blush.

geekygiraffe Tue 16-Nov-10 19:57:16

Thanks for the reassurance everybody : ) Will keep you posted strawberries.

perpetuallypregnant Wed 17-Nov-10 00:21:37

For me, movements don't hurt until you get pretty late on and the baby is huge enough to be really having a good go at your ribs and bladder

It's usually pretty pleasant until about 38 weeks, for me anyway.

suzym1984 Wed 17-Nov-10 07:39:01

Hi geeky I am 28 + 5 and my movements also feel like prods or vibrations. They are also felt very low down (in my bladder area) so I assumd my baby must be head up. At the midwife yesterday however she said that baby was head down, with its head on my bladder (thanks baby) so maybe the prods Im feeling are its arms up by its face?
I really wouldnt worry and just be grateful that you arent in pain. Ive convinced myself that Im having a lazy chilled out baby!

geekygiraffe Wed 17-Nov-10 11:47:59

Haha suzy, my DH keeps saying the baby takes after him in terms of laidback-ness, and that I should be glad it isn't like me! how rude : 0

Deliaskis Wed 17-Nov-10 11:56:30

I have the same, lots of wriggling lower down. Baby is sat on its bum at the moment (or at least was at 20 wk scan and mw apt last week), and the highest up ones I feel are arms which are still only about level with my belly button (I'm 26+4).

Interesting though suzy about your baby being head down even though it felt like kicks were low down. I might end up assuming the same thing and being wrong.

I assume when s/he turns, I will get jabs in my ribs, and I guess that will be more painful, and uncomfortable, as generally, I think there is more crammed into the lower chest and middle abdomen area that is solid and less forgiving, than the lower abdomen, which is uterus and then of course bladder (yes I can definitely feel kicks there) and intestine/bowl, which is soft and squidgy.

They are more like vibrations rather than actual 'protruding' kicks as well. I struggled to explain this to DH who had been trying to feel them for ages, until I said, from the outside, it just feels like a little muscle twitch/spasm, not like someone is nudging to get your attention. It then transpired that he had been feeling that for ages but didn't realise it was baby!


Deliaskis Wed 17-Nov-10 11:58:01

Meant to say, one of the books I said explains that the baby doesn't really get stuck for space (which would lead to more painful/pronounced kicks) until about 30 weeks ish.


angels1 Wed 17-Nov-10 14:34:34

<waves to geeky too>. I'm very similar - I ony ever get movement very low down (at 26 weeks). The highest I've felt anything was about belly button height and that was only for a short time once a couple of days ago! It's mostly low down like period area and lots of movement on bladder! It doesnt hurt but it does feel odd. As it gets stronger it's getting towards uncomfy, and very ocasionally I almost jump by the srength of the kick, but I'm never really in pain from it.

I discovered for the first time this morning while in the bath that if I prodded certain areas on my tummy I'd get a kick back in return - was quite exciting Must get DH to try tonight grin

TooImmature2BMum Wed 17-Nov-10 15:05:28

Have recently been getting little wiggles higher up (am 25 weeks tomorrow). Not quite at rib height, but closer to there. Yesterday was driving back from friend's house after drinking way too much decaff tea and it felt like baby was bouncing on my bladder and headbutting something higher up! What's there, my diaphragm or something?

My DH gets highly paranoid when I poke my tummy trying to get a reaction - he thinks I'll hurt her. I told him it was silly, but he persists. So far, no reaction from prodding. Or shining a torch on my tummy, which I read somewhere might cause a reaction.

None of the movements I can feel are painful unless you count the buffets to my bladder when I really need to pee.

sparklyrainbow Wed 17-Nov-10 16:01:08

The more painful bootings and huge squirms began at about 31 weeks for me...also likes wiggling his feet around near my ribs (ouch) and headbutting my bladder- enjoy the nice delicate movements while you can! My little one always has his hands by his face as well (at 12, 20, 28 weeks scans and in our 4d one at 30 weeks too) and I think he is practising poking movements grin

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