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Underbump trousers - online shop!

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frakkinup Mon 15-Nov-10 17:44:37

I tried on 10+ pairs of overbump trousers today, which is all I can find here, and I hate them all. I can't stand waistbands at the best of times and the elastic is just irritating!

So that leaves me ordering under-bump trousers online (EU delivery).

Where's best, please?! This is getting towards an emergency situation...

Fenouille Mon 15-Nov-10 18:37:39

I got all mine from asos, who coincidentally have just opened a .fr shop with free returns etc. Although don't know if that applies to the dom-toms which I think is where you are?

Rosa Mon 15-Nov-10 18:50:17

I found all of Nexts ones pretty much underbump..... But when my bump got bigger they fell down !

frakkinup Tue 16-Nov-10 04:49:34

I am indeed fenouille - but what are in-laws for if not to deal with my deliveries when French sites won't send me things grin?!

Fenouille Tue 16-Nov-10 10:38:59

I like your way of thinking

Actually, if you're a size 12-14 I can send you my white pair. They're asos linen under bump ones (can't find them on the site any more but look like the wide legged tab ones). They've been well worn but are still in good condition.

Just PM me if you're interested.

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