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Mole removal 2nd trimester.

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BeanInMyBelly Mon 15-Nov-10 08:51:49

Hey all, I went to the doctors last week so the nurse could take some pictures of 2 moles on my middle lower back that seem to have morphed into one - we think the changes started happening before pregnancy (am now nearly 24 weeks). I got a call on friday from the nurse saying that the dermatologist has bumped me up the queue and wants to see me on tuesday (tomorrow). She (very kindly) said 'don't worry, but he has jumped you right up the queue so....' hmm great thing to say to a hormonal pregnant hypochondriac.
She said that he would want to have a closer look at it, and possible use another tool he has that will enable him to look at the mole cells more closely.
However, I received the appointment letter from the hospital on saturday, and that said that I was booked in for a local anaesthetic to remove the mole.
Has anyone had a mole removed with a local during pregnancy? I know that at the dentists they use local but am a bit anxious about the proximity of the mole to bean.
Added to that the fact that the hypochondriac in me has been jumping up and down with glee, convincing me that its all going to be very serious and I'll be told I have like a month to live, and its been an interesting week for my DH! x

Chynah Mon 15-Nov-10 09:21:31

I had a mole removed with a local when I was 6 weeks pregnant - all was fine.

kingfix Mon 15-Nov-10 09:27:45

I had a mole removed at 35 weeks pregnant under local. I expressed concern but they assured me that the local (on my face) would have no effect on the baby so I went ahead and everything was fine.
Do talk to them about it - do they know you're pregnant?

EnnisDelMar Mon 15-Nov-10 09:38:45

I think as others have said it will have no effect on baby.

Hormonal changes in pg can result in changes to your moles, as you probably know.

It doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong with them. However it is right to act quickly and find out what's going on - if anything.

Keeping everything crossed for you that they are totally benign.

BeanInMyBelly Mon 15-Nov-10 11:03:16

Thanks guys - yes they do know I'm pregnant so I'm assuming if there was any risk they'd have to talk to me first. Just overly worrying - probably because its where it is - don't think i'd be as bothered if it was somewhere else. Have spoke to my midwife in the last half hour and she said it shouldn't be a problem - i'm sure that if I tell the dermatologist about my worries, he'll sort me out with a scan afterwards, or at least listen to hb etc after to put my mind at ease! x

TotorosOcarina Mon 15-Nov-10 11:06:46


I have a mole removed from my belly at 32 weeks.

It was right the top of my bump, I went to the GP Tuesday and they had me back int he next morning to remove as my mum had had a cancerous mole on her head so better safe than sorry.

They just used a local around the mole and then removed it, I was awake and it was fine.

It was sent off and there was no problem with the mole, but its better safe than sorry with these things and they like to just remove them before a problem can start

You will be fine x

BeanInMyBelly Mon 15-Nov-10 11:29:55

Thanks Totoros - belly beats back so am definately reassured now! smile x

TotorosOcarina Mon 15-Nov-10 12:00:55

I was scared he would pop my waters!

I had visions of a fountain of water coming from a hole in my belly!

Make sure someone is with you though as you will probably feel a bit whoozy afterwards.

And its a good excuse to spend the afternoon in bed with a hot chocolate

MoppingMummy Mon 15-Nov-10 12:35:25

OMG this brings back memories of 4 yrs ago for me. I am a total hypochondriac, so at around 20 wks pregnant with second child I started to panic a mole on breast had changed dramatically I finally managed to persuade dermatologist it needed removing urgently. I seem to remember they mentioned something about a different sort of local anaesthetic as I was pregnant, but I cant remember exactly. I certainly wouldn't worry about that tho - they operate on pregnant women often I should think! My poor friend had 2 spinal operations under general when pregnant with 1st child and all was fine.

BeanInMyBelly Wed 17-Nov-10 10:55:43

Hey all - just to update, had the moles removed yesterday afternoon. Felt really strange having a section of my back numb for hours but all went fine and little madam has been kicking away all night and this morning.
Didn't quite spend the afternoon in bed, hit the sofa instead and got DH to keep me supplied with hot chocolate and choccies so was all good. Work even gave me the day off today, although I'm going to go in at lunch as I'm sooo bored! 6 stitches in for 10 days, only downside now is that Im not meant to get it wet for a few days. Should be interesting tomorrow morning when I wash my hair!! Still a bit gun shy about sitting back in a seat but figure it will do wonders for my (currently poor) posture!!! Thanks everyone for the advice!! x

FindingMyMojo Wed 17-Nov-10 11:08:30

I had a strange one removed from my nipple when pregnant. It was kind of flaky in texture (very weird) & I was worried about it interfering with BF. Removal was painless, it healed fast & strangely left no scar.

kingfix Wed 17-Nov-10 11:09:18

glad it went well bean!

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