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apelsinnka Sun 14-Nov-10 22:58:50

Hi, did anyone have to deal with herpes outbreak while pregnant?
I am 12 weeks now and since yesterday got herpers blisters in my nose. Normally, I would immiditately take aciclovir tables because zovirax never helped me. The danger is that it can begin to grow fast, gets to the face... gosh! any tips?

MrsMogwai Sun 14-Nov-10 23:23:38

I had a week where I had a couple of awful coldsores when my morning sickness was bad. I was tired and run down at the time. I used Zovirax cream, but heard later that you're not supposed to use things like that while pregnant!

I don't know of any other remedies really. Hope your outbreak goes away quickly.

apelsinnka Sun 14-Nov-10 23:39:04

I am using zovirax now, I couldn't find anything bad about it on internet, but the tables are supposed to be bad. the trouble is that zovirax doesn't help me usually much

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