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pancreatitis due to gallstones

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summersun1 Sun 14-Nov-10 19:48:53

I'd be grateful if anyone who has had acute pancreatitis due to gallstones could share their experiences. I developed it a few weeks after my first baby (April) and had my gall bladder removed shortly after.The main aftercare advice I was given was to stick to a low fat diet which i'm sort of doing most of the time. Three months after my attack I had a few drinks with friends and experienced bad pain which lasted a few minutes. I didn't realise alcohol isn't advised after pancreatitis. My questions to you guys are:
Have a had another pregnancy since your attack and was everything ok? I'm a bit worried about a possible flare up. Have you had any mild pain/dull aches since? Do you stick to a low fat diet and avoid alcohol?

Reading the internet is very depressing and i'd love to hear some positive stories or at least know that I can carry on as normal. Thanks

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