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Bleeding at seventeen weeks

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sbeth1976 Sat 13-Nov-10 17:42:28

Feeling very confused. Am 17+2. Had spotting at seven weeks and again at 15+4. Rang midwife and she arranged for me to go to hospital to be checked out. Everything was fine, heartbeat detected and was allowed to go home.
Had my antenatal appointment on Wednesday, again heartbeat found, no problems.
Then yesterday I started bleeding again around 4pm. Went to A&E and they did the usual blood tests but referred me up to the ward for checks.
Doctor found heartbeat which was very strong and couldn't find cause of bleeding. Had more blood tests and was told to ring this morning for results ( I'm rhesus negative so needed to know if I had to have another Anti-D ). Was sent home but continued to bleed.
Not had a very good night so rang the Hospital this morning and they told me to come in again as I needed Anti-D. Doctor said that there was no point in doing another internal as unlikely to find anything again. They have told me if I continue to bleed then I can ring on Monday and they will probably scan me but as they found heartbeat last night I should be ok.
Am home now but still bleeding and Monday seems a very long way off. Doctor who did the internal last night was very rough and I don't know whether she has caught something inside me and that's why I'm bleeding.
Any experiences of this and advice would be nice to hear...

LotteryWinnersOnAcid Sat 13-Nov-10 18:32:32

Are you bleeding heavily?

I have had watery pink bleeding at various stages throughout my pregnancy, I'm now 30 weeks and all is ok, if this is any reassurance.

I hear of women having heavier bleeds during pregnancy all the time though, to no ill effect, so hopefully all is well with you.

You could well be right about the doctor being heavy handed and causing the bleed. A bit TMI but sex can cause superficial bright red bleeding for me, but it is quite difficult to tell that's what it is - a heavy handed internal examination could certainly cause a bleed.

Not a very useful comment, hopefully someone else can reassure you further, but hoping for the best for you. If heartbeat was heard then that is positive.

phonix Sat 13-Nov-10 19:59:01

A friend of mine had this too, and it turned out to that the bleeding (at times quite heavy) was caused by the medication she was taking for a vaginal yeast infection.

phonix Sat 13-Nov-10 20:04:57

A strong heartbeat is a very reassuring sign for things being OK with baby though. Try and think outside the box, it could just be a trivial reason that causes this bleeding from time to time.

sbeth1976 Sun 14-Nov-10 09:46:37

Thank you for your comments. Still bleeding but it seems to have slowed down now. Think I'll hold on till tomorrow before going to hospital again.
Been sick this morning ( not really had a break from the ms ) and can feel a lot of movements in my tummy so I can only take this as a good sign.

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