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Freedom Sling

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sarahscot Sat 13-Nov-10 15:26:03

I just bought a Freedom Sling at the NCT sale for £5. Bargain, I thought. However, I've just looked up the instructions on how to use it and it doesn't seem like it'd be very secure. Obviously haven't actually got a baby to put in it at the moment so can't try it out.

Anyone used one? Are they any good? If not what would you recommend?

muslimah28 Sat 13-Nov-10 22:41:01

i had a babasling which is a similar type (ring sling) but found it uncomfortable because all the weight was on one shoulder and tbh i could never really get the hang of it. then bought an ellaroo mei tai and never looked back!

everyones different though and it also depends on what you need it for and for how long. have a look at the little possums website, they have loads of info on slings.

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