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Confused and upset

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gypsyflower Sat 13-Nov-10 14:16:05


I have been back and forth to the hospital this week for beta levels and early scans. I am so confused now and have a couple of weeks of uncertainty to get through. I will try and tell you what has gone on and see if anyone has any ideas or has any stories to tell me.

Well I think I O'ed on CD15, CD16 or CD17 this month. I missed a few temps which unfortunately was when I o'ed although I had O pain on CD15 so that is the day I went with but could be wrong. If I go by CD15, I was 11dpo (28th october) when I got a +hpt but if it was CD17 then I was only 9dpo. On 6th november (26dpo or 24dpo) I had some spotting. It was only when I wiped, didn't happen continuously and was only pink or brown and was mixed with cm. I went on the 9th november to have beta levels checked and an early scan. My first level was 1350 and the scan showed a 3mm gest sac.

On 11th november my beta level was 2250 so had gone up but not quite doubled and then today (13th november) the same happened. The level was 3760. They did another scan which showed the sac had grown to 7.9mm and thought (but wasn't sure) that she could see a yolk sac. Now today I think I am either 5w6d or 5w4d. They have said that from what they are seeing and the size it look like it is under 5 weeks.

I have to go back in 2 weeks but she said not to get my hopes up.

I am just so confused. The hormone levels have gone up (I know they haven't doubled but I read that they double in 48-72 hours and this was only 48hr), the sac has got bigger and the tech said a possible yolk sac and my bleeding was really slight and only lasted 4 days. I haven't had a single spot since 9th november (so 4 days clear).

I don't know how I am going to wait so long with no hope to grab onto. I have mildly sensitive nipples (sorry, tmi) but thats it. My belly feels a little swollen but I don't have m/s, not anymore tired than normal.

I just don't know what to think. Is this it. Will I have to wait 2 weeks, just to be told that my baby has gone. I know that you don't have to bleed if you m/c as that is a missed m/c but surely if you start to bleed it just carrys on. That is what happened with my m/c.

lucybrad Sat 13-Nov-10 16:38:03

sorry you are going through this. The only thing you can do is wait and see unfortunately. I hope it works out.

BayeauxT Sat 13-Nov-10 17:26:42

Hi Gypsyflower, I agree with lucy it really is just too early to tell.

I've had two missed miscarriages and I'm sorry to say, you can get bleeding and then have it just stop completely, even have ms symptoms, but still mc (I had spotting like you describe at about 6 weeks, for a couple of days, and also thought if I did mc it would turn into proper bleeding. When I went for 12wk scan I found out that's when the baby had stopped developing at around 6 weeks). However, on the other hand, you are VERY EARLY yet and your dates may be wrong (I'm 17wks pg now and by scan I am 10 days ahead of where I thought I would be!) - plus it could be implantation bleeding, which I always get with my pregnancies. So don't give up hope yet. I hope you get through the next 2 weeks OK - I know, the waiting is awful!

sarahscot Sat 13-Nov-10 18:23:05

Even if you O'd on day 17, you could have technically gotten pregnant a day or so after that depending on when the egg implanted. Don't give up all hope, it could still be okay, but at the same time, prepare yourself for the worst then it might not hurt so much if it does happen. It's going to be a long 2 weeks for you but there really is nothing to do but wait. I really feel for you.

Good luck x

midori1999 Sat 13-Nov-10 18:45:03

There's some info here that might help: _trimester_scans.html

It's worrying. I had a miscarriage last time, started bleeding the night before my second scan, which would have been when I thought I was 8 weeks. The first scan had shown a sac and yolk sac, but the gestational sac had been irregularly shaped, which I know know is an almosy certain sign of miscarriage. They hadn't told me that at my first scan, but it is now obvious that things were already going wrong then. sad

I am now 5+6 by my LMP and have to wait until 7+2 for my second scan. My first was 5+2 where they saw the gest. sac and the start of a yolk sac, but nothing else. They also measured the gest. sac at 4+4, but told me not to worry about that. They didn't take bloods.

I think things can vary so much early on and it's not a definite science, you could drive yourself mad.

I hope things work out for you and everything is OK.

ledkr Sat 13-Nov-10 18:56:35

its so horrible isnt it.I had so much uncertainty with this one (now 28 wks) i remember it so well-am still worried about now really. I have had only one previous mc but took ages to concieve this one and i am 43 so def no more tries and dhs only chance.
I had hardly any symptoms,two bleeds and loads of period pains and so far all is well.It is very common for things to doubtfull so early on.They just dont understand how it feels to be so worried and confused you feel you could die form it.
Something is stopping your period coming isnt it?

KatyS36 Sat 13-Nov-10 20:54:29


I had blood tests at about 5 weeks due to spotting on wiping, which was put down to an implantation bleed.

When I told the midwife about my sore nipples she said that was a good sign. The pregnancy was successful and I have a beautiful 12 month dd.

Wishing you every success


PS Do everything you can to rest and look after yourself. Whilst it might not make any difference to the outcome it will probably make you feel that you are doing absolutly everything possible help.

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