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I feel like crying what can I do..UTI?

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kitten30 Fri 12-Nov-10 12:33:16

I am 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

I have had really bad nights this week waking up about ten times for a TINY wee! I have been in agony with pains that shoot up my uretha Also pain which leads to contractions when the baby makes any contact with my bladder. I had this over a month ago and this would now be my third UTI. I know the symptoms and I know I have one. Last time the dipstick test showed nothing but when sent to the lab it came back there was an infection.

I took a urine sample to the doctors this morning so they could write me a prescription but htey just ran and said it didnt show as anything on the dip sticks and so 'we will send it to the lab but you are not getting antibiotics because it could be labour ring your midwife'.

I know it isnt labour and I know it is a UTI .. what can I do now? I feel like crying I am in so much pain with it and can feel it getting worse each day.

Any advice or suggestions please?

partyhats Fri 12-Nov-10 13:00:30

You could try Waterfall D mannose for the UTI. I have suffered off and on with UTIs for years, its the only thing that works. I am pretty sure it can be taken when pregnant but just check that. Ironically my bladder is much better when I am pregnant as I think the hormones actually help the problem.

tinierclanger Fri 12-Nov-10 13:02:42

Why don't you ring the midwife and ask to go into the day unit? They can assess you again and they will probably devote a lot more time and attention to you.

Pancakeflipper Fri 12-Nov-10 13:03:27

Drink lemon barley water to help flush out the system...

me23 Fri 12-Nov-10 13:31:43

How annoying, The same happened to me im 21 weeks but tihink my uti has been going on a while as i had all symptoms, but at 16 week appt mw said nope dipstix negative.
yesterday finally got antibiotics as blood test showed increased crp and white cell count plus all my symotoms so dr ddidn't hesitate prescribing and is sending off msu.

I would call mw and gp again and insist on treatment with 3 utis behind you, they should realise you know you have one.

kitten30 Fri 12-Nov-10 15:56:43

me23 I know I think they think I am being paranoid but its not that at all..I know the symptoms and I know I have one. Hopefully the lab result will come back soon so I can get on the antibiotics but I cant believe I have to suffer so much till then.

Southsearocks Fri 12-Nov-10 18:35:37

Hi Kitten,

You have my sympathy. I've suffered UTI's for years and had exactly your problem with being refused anti-biotics. It's an absolute nightmare when you know you have an infection and it doesn't show up. There is something called non-bacterial cystitis.

I eventually changed surgery and now they prescribe antibiotics after just a telephone consultation because they trust that I know my own body well enough.

It might be worth asking your friends what their experiences are and then change GP if you can. One thing that helped a little was Aloe Vera juice from the Health Food shop but I don't know about taking it in pregnancy x

kitten30 Fri 12-Nov-10 19:21:00

I had a feeling it wouldnt as the same thing happened last time. I really dont understand how my symptoms are this bad but nothing came up. I cant believe how crap my GP's are the doctor should have rung me herself rather than the receptionist as I would have explained my symptoms and perhaps she would have reconsidered. I worry about it getting worse and then going into labour.

zandlt Fri 12-Nov-10 19:28:48

I feel for you. never had a uti myself and am touching wood now that I never do!!

But have a friend whos DP works in the path lab at my local hospital and now know that if you ring them for your results for blood tests they will have been done the same day (so maybe the same for other samples to).

So may be worth ringing the lab directly to get results rather than waiting for your surgery to get back to you.


LunaticFringe Fri 12-Nov-10 20:49:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kelly2525 Fri 12-Nov-10 23:47:11

Drink lots and lots of fluids, water and cranberry juice.

I was told to drink until you cant drink anymore, then drink some more

WriterofDreams Sat 13-Nov-10 08:44:10

Southsearocks I'm surprised they prescribe you antibiotics if they consider you to have non-bacterial cystitis. Antibiotics are specifically for killing bacteria so if you don't have any bacteria what are they treating?

mrsbigw Sat 13-Nov-10 11:21:30

Who actually did the dip test on the wee sample? It sounds almost as if the receptionists are making clinical decisions. Insist on seeing or speaking to a HCP kitten you shouldn't be suffering like this. Hope you get sorted soon.

lucybrad Sat 13-Nov-10 11:24:54

dip test dont always show the infections. Go to see the out of hours docs over the weekend, I find they are much better at prescribing than GPs.

kitten30 Sat 13-Nov-10 15:00:12

Thanks everyone. I have found a prescription from June (prescribed for a uti Amoxcillian) do you think the chemist would still give it to me even though its dated June?

Southsearocks Sat 13-Nov-10 18:35:01

WriterofDreams Sorry, I'm being vague. I've had both bacterial and non-bacterial and you are right, when I had a bout of non-bacterial cystitis the anti-biotics didn't work so well. It went on for ages and ages (turned out to be linked to taking the pill!).

But mostly I've had normal cystitis and that's what my current GP has treated.

Kitten30 I think prescriptions last 6 months.

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 13-Nov-10 18:43:42

If you have no joy with your June prescription, try ringing the Out of Hours service as you will get a different doctor and possibly a different result.

Oh and also, if you feel like crying, do so, while on the phone. I find crying goes a long way to getting me what I want from the medical profession - yes I am shameless, but I am also an expert on UTIs and have had major kidney surgery in the past so whenever I get a UTI, I insist on ABs there and then - sod waiting for the result of a test. angry

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