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am I mad to want 2nd?

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amish3886 Wed 10-Nov-10 21:39:59

Not sure if this is right board to post on, am newbie!
before I had my 1st baby I always wanted 3, after I had her I changed mind for definite (so I thought) and said 1 was enough, partner agreed cos had only ever wanted 1. Recently have felt broody and am aware that she is 18 months and if were to have another don't want to leave big gap. (for her and for us as if going to do it, want to have some sort of own life after they grown up) We only live in 1 bed flat and can't move till at least 2013 when we would be able to get bigger mortgage. I know it sounds really silly to even be thinking about it when we are so short of space but surely we could adapt? Have large living room that could be turned into 2 rooms. Me, Mum, Dad and Sis lived with grandparents till I was nearly 3 and I loved my childhood!
would be much better off this time round too as last time I wasn't entitled to maternity pay.
Am so confused and don't even know where to begin. Have made it so clear to ppl that I only want 1, feel silly for changing mind!
Sorry it's a bit long!

AKMD Wed 10-Nov-10 21:59:41

I lived in a 1-bed flat with my parents and brother until I was 9. The living room was used as the children's bedroom (luckily the flat had a big kitchen/dining room that we used as a communal area) and we did just fine. What matters is a supportive, loving home, not lots of space!
You shouldn't feel silly about changing your mind - I'm sure everyone would be thrilled if you had another child.
The decision is between you and your partner. Explain to him how you feel and don't expect an instant decision one way or the other. Just don't decide to have an 'accident'!

amish3886 Wed 10-Nov-10 22:08:34

Thanks, we have thought about changing living room into 2 bedrooms anyway so we can have our own room (when no1 wasn't sleeping v well) so it is quite plausible. I just love being part of a big family and can't imagaine life without siblings.
I'm sure you're right and ppl would love another baby (except maybe my Mum who is childcare provider while I work!)
I would never expect that from him, he is an ace procrastinator!! No, no, I wouldn't and couldn't as have implant.

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